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In Hogwarts Legacy we can not only be good or evil, but also choose a middle ground

Hogwarts Legacy is an open world RPG and therefore wants to give us as much freedom as possible. This includes, among other things, even being able to learn the Forbidden Curses – which in turn has an impact on how other characters see us and talk about us.

While there is no classic morality system, the choices we make do have an impact on the story of Hogwarts Legacy. As we found out in the interview with the developers, not all of our decisions are necessarily final. We can sometimes change our minds later.


JK Rowling’s transphobia: The success of Hogwarts Legacy indirectly benefits Harry Potter author JK Rowling, who participates through existing publishing rights and the associated sale of the books. Rowling continues to be active in anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric and actively supports anti-trans policies in the UK. If you want to find out more about the topic, you will find a summary of the most important controversies surrounding Hogwarts Legacy here.

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This is how choices affect the story

Narrative Lead Moira Squier breaks down how our choices affect the story and ending of Hogwarts Legacy. There is a difference between smaller, self-contained decisions and those with long-term effects:


The choices you make in the game affect you on a large and small scale. Players will understand after a while. Some choices will result in a slightly different ending or reaction in a side quest, and maybe a character will treat you differently when you meet again later.

And then there are bigger decisions. Some decisions have an impact on later decisions at the end of the game. You’ll know which ones and realize, ‘Hey, that’ll be important later.’ You will still have the same story arc overall though, it’s not like the whole game is changing. But your choices matter.

An example of this is the Unforgivable Curses: We don’t just get them as part of the story, we have to actively choose to learn them. At the same time, we should not be denied the story aspect, even if we decide not to learn it. So we can definitely follow the storyline and only make our final choice at the end.

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This trailer already gives a small preview of the quest:


Hogwarts Legacy - The new trailer focuses on dark magic


Hogwarts Legacy – The new trailer focuses on dark magic

Good, bad or a third choice

In particular, our decision whether we want to play good or evil affects the story. However, as Squier confirms, we can also choose a middle ground. So we are not necessarily zeroed in on a path:


Yes, there is! Just like in real life, you can make a choice and then think, ‘Oh god, was that the right decision?’ It’s about you being the player character. You have this ability to see and use this really powerful magic and that is a privilege but also a responsibility. What are you going to do with it? I have no idea what you guys are going to do!

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While we weren’t able to make any decisions in our preview, we were able to explore many other areas of the game:

As magical as the movies, but one concern remains


Alluded to Hogwarts Legacy

As magical as the movies, but one concern remains

Of course, we still have to wait and see how exactly our decisions affect the story and how the ending changes as a result. At least we don’t have to wait too long anymore, at least for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC the game will be released on February 10th, 2023. The versions for PS4 and Xbox One will follow on April 4th and the switch version on July 25th.


We have summarized all important information about preload, early access and what awaits you in Hogwarts Legacy in the linked article.

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