In just 1 hour, Sons of the Forest has brought Steam and Twitch to their knees like we have rarely seen

Sons of the Forest has officially arrived on Steam. He survival horror from Endnight Games almost a decade after launching the first game, it opens after having defeated the competition as the most anticipated game of this February on the Valve platform. Of course, being the most anticipated has a price, and that is has put Steam on the ropes and little or nothing could be done to prevent it.

Although the survival It was priceless until a few hours ago, the huge number of players hoping to make the jump back to this island full of mutant cannibals has prevented many from even completing the payment. Although the game was unlocked at 7:00 p.m. (USApeninsular time), almost an hour later the situation is practically identical.

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As highlighted by MeinMMO, those players who did not have money in the Steam wallet have not been able to access the payment for more than half an hour. In fact, the issues in the steam servers they have started minutes before the game was even released for sale.

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There are even content creators on twitch that they have been encouraged to do streaming of the game even before having it, and it is that the odyssey to checkout has been so foreEsports Extrasto this type of indie game that it is surprising. From Esports ExtrasPC we anticipate that the situation on Steam is still out of control, although it works better than an hour ago.

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Of course, while Steam surrenders to the game, Twitch also does the same. At this time (8:00 p.m.), Sons of the Forest is the most watched game on the platform from Amazon today. It currently surpasses wonders like Valorant, DOTA 2, LoL or a tireless Hogwarts Legacy with more than half a million viewers.