In just 3 years the sale price of GPUs has grown by up to 103%

Many times we talk about the drop in sales of PC hardware in general, partly blaming the increase in the price of components. We have seen how NVIDIA launched its RTX 40 at very high prices, since a graphics card like the RTX 4080 arrived in USA costing more than 1,500 euros and the RTX 4090 easily exceeding 2,000 euros. in a matter of only 3 years, it turns out that the average selling price of GPUs has doubled from February 2020that is, before the rise of cryptocurrency mining.

Graphics cards are a major component for PC gamers and users who need them for professional work. After all, if our use is going to be solely office automation and play multimedia contentAny very low-end integrated or dedicated graphics card will work for us. Here it is true that for these cases it is more profitable to acquire a processor with integrated graphics. But many users use their PC for gaming and of course, you can’t go with a NVIDIA GT 710 or an RX 550since both graphs are of low range and you won’t get good performance. But of course, if you want to opt for a gaming GPU in conditions, the prices are very high. This has caused sales of graphics cards to drop, something that hit NVIDIA with a drop in revenue.

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Graphics cards cost twice as much in 2023 compared to 2020

GPU Prices Rise US

When looking for a new graphics card for our PC, we find that the new ones are too expensive and those of the last generation have hardly lowered their prices. We have seen this problem reflected in NVIDIA graphics and, to a lesser extent, in AMD. And it is that, if you are one of those who wants to update your PC or mount one with a brand new RTX 40you will see that practically the cheapest model is close to 1,000 euros. Then you go looking for someone RTX 30 bargain and you find prices that are same or more expensive than months ago.

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In AMD you are in a similar situation, because if you want a RX 7900 XT or XTX you better invest between 1,000 and 1,300 euros depending on which one you choose. Fortunately, we see a little more competition in older graphics such as the RX6600 for about 260 euros wave RX 6700 for 340 euros. These prices, which seem decent, are expensive if we compare them to those that existed before mining became popular, or better yet, before the pandemic. And it is that, we talked about how both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs have doubled their sales price from 2020 to 2023according to data from the German store Mindfactory.

AMD GPU selling price rises by 103%, NVIDIA rises by 93.5%

NVIDIA AMD GPUs price drop

To analyze the differences and how much the retail price of GPUs has changed in 2023, we will first have to travel back 3 years in time. We are in February 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out across the world and we were enjoying relatively good prices for graphics cards. The average selling price was €295.25 for the AMD GPUs and in €426.59 for the NVIDIA. This provided an income of €442,870 in the case of AMD and €855,305 in the case of NVIDIA, so we can see the differences in sales.

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Now if we go to February 2023we have an average sale price of no less than 600.03 euros for AMD GPUs and €825.2 for NVIDIA GPUs. This implies a rise in 103% for the reds and a 93.5% for the greens, almost nothing. In turn, we see that revenues have increased to a greater extent, with €1.026 million with AMD (+130%) and €1.84 million at NVIDIA (+115.5%).