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In just 60 seconds you will discover what makes this PlayStation Plus game so special


In just 60 seconds you will discover what makes this PlayStation Plus game so special

There are times when graphics are not absolutely everything for a video game to hook you and make you want to play. Sometimes there are proposals whose gameplay or proposals are so brilliant that they manage to catch you for hours, which is exactly what Minit, a peculiar indie published by Devolver Digital, achieves.

The title in question was published almost five years ago, but thanks to PlayStation Plus you will be able to see what makes it so special. You only need to be subscribed to PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium to access its corresponding free download on the PlayStation Store and thus fully immerse yourself in this world with a rather minimalist and retro visual touch in black and white.

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minit is about an action RPG that only lasts 60 seconds, but it does not mean that after that time you will spend it. The point is that our protagonist is a strange being who lives quietly in his home until he comes across a cursed sword that causes him to die and come back to life after a minute.

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To discover how to put an end to it, you can modify the environment little by little by performing certain actions that will permanently affect the terrain, such as obtaining special objects or completing missions assigned by other characters. Of course, at first it can be somewhat impossible due to the absence of a minimap, but over time you end up learning how to go to each place.

Minit 02

In addition, has a certain metroidvania component because some of the objects are essential to reach new areas. On the other hand, it will be possible to start from other places by activating other starting points, so it may take you a few hours to get through it even though it only lasts 60 seconds.

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To make it more complete, it has an option that shows you the number of times the day has been restarted and up to It has a hard mode in which it is easier to die, while the time is reduced to only 40 seconds.

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