In PS Plus Extra/Premium you can now play my favorite co-op game of all time – and you absolutely should!

Tom Henry

in ps plus extra/premium you can now play my favorite

It Takes Two is an absolute recommendation.

Like every month, PS Plus Extra and Premium got a whole bunch of new titles for the classic and game library in July 2023. While there are some highlights again, I really want to recommend one of the games to you – whether you haven’t played it yet or are thinking about playing it again: It Takes Two.

That’s why you shouldn’t miss It Takes Two

The granularity as the best co-op game of all time may of course be a stretch. At least for me, It Takes Two ranks right next to classics and personal highlights like Portal 2 or Unravel 2 when it comes to gambling together for two.

It Takes Two could be March's best game - What the action-platformer beats most AAA games - What the action-platformer beats most AAA games

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It Takes Two could be March’s best game – What the action-platformer beats most AAA games – What the action-platformer beats most AAA games

What makes the game so special? In It Takes Two, you always travel in pairs as animated puppets Cody and May. Each of you will receive different tools in the adventure, with which you not only have to overcome your own hurdles, but also help your partners.

For example, one of you can use the nail gun to build new paths, while the other gets a hammer to clear glass panes out of the way. Or one person shoots sticky nectar, which the other then lights with a match gun.

So collaboration and communication are essential here, because you can’t do it alone. And that is exactly what makes the game so appealing, because you not only solve puzzles together and support each other, but also simply have fun together.

Elen Reinke

Eleen is less the type for large multiplayer rounds and instead prefers to play comfortably in the co-op Left 4 Dead, Monster Hunter World, Borderlands 2 or, more recently, Diablo 4.

In these games, however, the co-op is more of a nice bonus than an essential part – unlike in It Takes Two, which is why the game remains unchallenged in this genre for Eleen. Whereby… Portal 2 comes at least very, very close.

The fun mechanics also change in each level, so that there is always variety. The whole thing is rounded off by a story about two parents who have grown apart and do not know where their future leads.

How long is It Takes Two? Depending on how fast you are, you should be through with the game in about four to five leisurely evenings. On average, a run takes ten to 12 hours.

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You need this to play It Takes Two

For It Takes Two you absolutely need a second person, but then you can play together in both online and couch co-op with split screen. If you choose to play online, both players will also need a PS Plus subscription.

Does the second player also need It Takes Two? No, it is enough if the host owns the game. You can then invite a second person to play with you via a friend pass. It must then be on the same platform, but PS4 and PS5 can play together.

Do you still want to catch up on It Takes Two? Is there another co-op game that you think deserves the crown even more?

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