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In Starfield there are dozens of named companions who will go with you on missions

in starfield there are dozens of named companions who will

In a recent session of questions and answers on DiscordEmil Pagliarulo and Will Shen (designer and desEsports Extrasdirector, respectively) have shared new details Over the starfield companions. Specifically, thanks to the transcript made on Reddit we know that there will be dozens of named NPCs (other than the generic ones for working on the ship and outposts) that may be our crewmates.


How many companions can we have in Starfield?

“We realized what popular and useful that the companions were,” explains Pagilarulo in reference to previous Bethesda games. “We wanted them to be part of the main plot. There is great moments with them“, sentence. Being possible recruit more than two dozen of NPCs that will have their own name and background and can accompany us and take our things. However, it must be remembered that there are only four main companions with complete quest chains, the Constellation ones and these 20 are more of a “secondary companion”.

Be necessary pay them to join us and each one will have concrete characteristics. Some can get to affect the operation of our shipSo in short, recruiting crew makes things easier. Of course, we must remember that there will be no ground mounts of any kind, there will be no companions to facilitate that.


Of course, it becomes clear that there are also generic NPCs that we can hire to work in the warehouse or our facilities. However, this they are considered purely workers, not fellow that they can come with us to the missions.

One of the hostile characters that we will face in Starfield

Starfield: the game that will revolutionize space role-playing

After reminding you of the history of the game, we remind you that starfield stand available on september 6 on Xbox Series X|S and PC. With the four different romance options that will be included in our game and the planets to explore (although we remind you that not all of them will have life).

For now we can leave you with our preview of Starfield, and soon we will be able to share with you a complete analysis of this new adventure from Bethesda.