In Starfield you can traffic organs and other contraband… but you can end up in jail

in starfield you can traffic organs and other contraband... but

Tom Henry

In Starfield you can traffic organs and other contraband… but you can end up in jail

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With Starfield just around the corner, the game’s promotional campaEsports Extrascomes to an end. The game is already gold and we know how big it will be on the disk, but the new stuff is quite interesting. Be possible to traffic in organs and break the law in different ways… but of course this can end in jail.

How will the crime and jail system work in Starfield?

During a session of questions on Discord transcribed on Reddit, Emil Pagliarulo and Will Shen (designer and desEsports Extrasdirector, respectively) have explained that we will have a system of crimes in which they will have been involved contraband items, such as organs humans. In principle we can traffic with them removing them from planets where it is illegal to be in possession of them and looking for a place to sell them. Whether the risk will be equal to the reward remains to be seen. Who knows if it will have any effect on the relationship between any of its deep characters.

These objects will be marked and we will have to use special modules to hide them in our ships. Shen has explained that it is possible go to jail, pay the fine, or resist arrest. Of course, remembering Skyrim or Fallout, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a good idea at first.

Promotional image with enemies in Starfield

Starfield: the game that will revolutionize space role-playing

After reminding you of the history of the game, we remind you that starfield stand available on september 6 on Xbox Series X|S and PC. With the four different romance options that will be included in our game and the planets to explore (although we remind you that not all of them will have life).

For now we can leave you with our preview of Starfield, and soon we will be able to share with you a complete analysis of this new adventure from Bethesda.

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