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In The Division Heartland, PvP is supposed to be everywhere at night – players hope they won’t be forced

The developers of The Division Heartland have shared new information about the shooter and players now hope that they won’t be forced into PvP.

What is The Division Heartland? The Division Heartland is the latest installment in The Division series and will be released as a F2P title on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.


What does Heartland gameplay look like? The game is intended to be a mixture of extraction shooter and survival game and set in the small American town of Silver Creek.

There you support the agent Mackenzie Amber Reed in the fight against her former commander Killian Tower, who went rogue and murdered his former unit.

Your task is therefore to protect Silver Creek from opposing factions, rogue agents and a deadly contamination. For example, your first mission should be to help Reed rebuild a base of operations.


During the day you roam Silver Creek trying to survive, complete quests and important objectives. Along the way, you’ll encounter tons of enemies and a deadly contamination that’s spreading through the small town. There is also said to be illness and dehydration.

At night, more dangers are added and PvP comes more into focus. “The Night is a Deadly Sandbox”

What did the developers say about PvP? At night, new, more dangerous opponents should make your life difficult in The Division Heartland – including other players.


Taylor Epperly, Associate Game Director at Red Storm Entertainment, says:

When night falls in Silver Creek, things get dangerous. The threat is increased and the dangerous PvEvP gameplay by renegade players and the AI ​​is activated. The night is a deadly sandbox that constantly poses threats, but there are also consistently great rewards to be had.

From Taylor Epperly’s statement, it can be concluded that PvEvP is activated throughout Silver Creek at night and you have to expect constant battles against other players.

On top of that, Ubisoft writes on the game’s website that if you die before returning to the base of operations, you will return “empty-handed” – this is where the principle of an extraction shooter becomes clear. The map becomes one large Dark Zone at night.


The Division Heartland developers talk about the gameplay of the upcoming shooter

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What are players saying? In the comments on YouTube, some players hope that it will be possible to only play PvE and avoid PvP altogether. The desire for pure PvE worlds or a corresponding mode seems great.

  • Foab Moab: “I hope you can only play everything in PvE. Dark Zone as a place has always been under-fun […].”
  • Leon Dev: “I hope there will be a PvE only mode like in pre-alpha.”
  • Rafael Madeira: “Hope for a PvE world too.”
  • Mister Facepalm: “Definitely looks interesting, but I’d like to see a dedicated PvE mode for it.”

With the current information, it is conceivable that PvE will be played during the day and additional PvP will be added at night. This would then create the PvPvE experience that is known from various extraction shooters and the Dark Zone. It is currently not known whether this will be staged through a separate matchmaking, in a day-night cycle or otherwise.

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