In this photorealistic game you can lead an army of ants: Empire of the Ants arrives in 2024 on PC and consoles

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in this photorealistic game you can lead an army of

Microids and the developer Tower Five have published the first trailer of a new and peculiar video game: it is about Empire of the Ants, a title already announced that stands out for starring ants. At a playable level it is an RTS, that is, a real-time strategy game in which we control one of the insects with the possibility of command an entire army of ants.

That its protagonists are ants is not the only thing that draws attention to this video game: its graphics are also surprising. Empire of the Ants is using Unreal Engine 5 to be as photorealistic as possible, and at least in its first trailer and images it seems to be succeeding, as you can judge below:

Inspired by the French novel The antsby Bernard Werber

Interestingly, this game It is an adaptation of a book: is inspired by The ants, a French novel written by Bernard Werber and published in 1991. This book tells the life of a colony of ants at the same time as that of a human who moves to his entomologist uncle’s house and there begins to discover their relationship. with the ants, who seem to be more intelligent than I thought. For now, that is, in the first information of Empire of the Ants There is no reference to the presence of humans.

We know very little about its release date, other than that Empire of the Ants is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2024. The confirmed platforms at the moment are PC and consoles, and although they are not specified which ones exactly, we know that they will at least come to PS5 because the official PlayStation channel on YouTube has published the trailer indicating it. Under these lines you can see a galley with his first images.

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