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In WoW, all classes now get great rewards – only one doesn’t

Since Patch 10.0.5 the Mage Tower from Legion is playable again in World of Warcraft in a stronger version for Dragonflight. Each class is presented with tough challenges, which in turn yield nice, cosmetic rewards. Only the new callers are not allowed to participate.

What is the mage tower? The feature originally comes from the Legion expansion and was introduced with Patch 7.2 in March 2017. There are a total of 7 challenges here, which vary by class and specialization.

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Most challenges are considered particularly tricky and can only be mastered with good class understanding or skillful use of different mechanics. The feature was so popular that it came back several times even after Legion, most recently in 2022 in a “permanent” form.

However, the mage tower was removed shortly before the release of Dragonflight. However, as of patch 10.0.5, the feature is back and has been adjusted for Dragonflight’s new talents and gear to remain crisp.

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In our overview you will find all information about Patch 10.0.5 in World of Warcraft.

What are the rewards? Originally, you could earn new tints for artifact weapon skins in the Mage Tower. But to ensure that they remain exclusive, there are now other rewards.


For completing the challenges, you will receive Legion-style transmog sets and even a mount, the Magic-bound Grimoire. But for the flying book you have to complete all 7 challenges at the same time.

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You have to play more than one class anyway, because you usually only get 3 different challenges per class. But if you’re playing a Rufer, you’ve got more work to do.


You can see some of the rarest mounts from WoW here in the video:

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No Rewards for Callers

The new class from Dragonflight does not get any tasks in the Mage Tower. War Councilor Vicotria usually invites you to the Mage Tower on the Broken Shore. However, she tells Rufern that she has no tasks for her at the moment.

This makes sense in that Summoners weren’t playable in Legion, so challenges couldn’t be made for them. In addition, Callers can hardly carry transmog, but almost everything goes through the extensive adjustments of the Dracthyr.


The adjustments inspire many, but the missing transmog is a thorn in the side of some:

WoW players are bothered by the appearance of the new callers: “Was 100% sure I would play Dracthyr, but…”

It remains to be seen how useful it is for Rufer to visit the Mage Tower. We don’t yet know whether, and if so when, the mage tower will also be accessible to callers.


However, some boosting sites are already offering “RuferMageturm Runs” for real money. This is forbidden anyway, but in this case it’s clearly a rip-off, since the runs don’t even exist. In any case, stay away from such offers.

So that you as a caller don’t go completely empty-handed, another brand new feature came into play with 10.0.5: the trading post. Here you can easily earn fancy cosmetics with a few tasks:

WoW: The Trading Post is Here – All Rewards for February 2023