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In10 years we will have AIs a million times more powerful than ChatGPT4

Yesterday made many headlines, but without a doubt the biggest one is the one made by Jensen Huang regarding the AI. Presenting the required economic balances, the CEO of NVIDIA wanted to refer to the last sector that his company has dominated for a little over 4 years. The statements are not wasted due to the bombastic number of figures and the vision provided by the green one, who, on the other hand, is promoting everything that has to do with Artificial Intelligence, something logical if you sell the hardware . This is how NVIDIA sees AI and its GPUs going forward.

This is the typical news that must be taken with a bit of salt, because we are talking about numbers that are really difficult to understand, even from the confines of computing. NVIDIA is seeing a bigger market opportunity than before and is jumping for it, hence what we are going to see next.


NVIDIA, AI and its GPUs… All over the world


Even Moore’s Law has included Jensen Huang in his statements, which are sure to be controversial:

“Moore’s Law, in its best days, would have delivered 100 times the power seen in hardware in a decade. By coming up with new processors, new systems, new interconnects, new frameworks and algorithms and working with data scientists, AI researchers in new models, in that entire span, we’ve made large language model processing a million times faster.”

Almost nothing, a million times faster. What Huang means here is basically that without his company and without ChatGPT with the OpenAI guys it would be impossible to imagine Artificial Intelligence at the level we have now. If this doesn’t sound like much to you or is unimpressive as such, don’t worry, Huang has more information available to offer and perhaps even more impressive than the previous one.

Let’s speed up the AI ​​another million times


Well yes, we don’t know how they are going to measure such an amount of performance or in what proportion with respect to what hardware, but Huang is so clear that it is difficult to deny him the reason, since we have no basis on which to support his arguments:


“Over the course of the next 10 years, I hope that through new chips, new interconnects, new systems, new operating systems, new distributed computing algorithms and new artificial intelligence algorithms and working with developers who come up with new models, I think let’s speed up the AI another million times”

But it is that he still goes further, and predicts what the AI ​​industry will be like in said almost dystopian future, something quite surreal today, but that could perfectly happen if his predictions are on the right track:

“There was a time when people made only physical goods. In the future, almost every company will make soft goods. As it turns out, it will be in the form of intelligence. I hope to see AI factories all over the world. There will be some that will be big, and there will be some that will be mega big, and then there will be some that will be smaller. My expectation is that you will see really Esports Extrasntic advances in AI models in the next company, AI platforms in the next decade. But simultaneously, because of the incredible growth and adoption of this, We will see these AI factories everywhere.”

You may not be wrong. AMD follows the same path, Intel is going to get fully involved, if it is not already, in complex environments with Ponte Vecchio, NVIDIA is an industry leader. In addition, companies around the world are designing products based on AI that helps them do it better and faster.

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