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Inazuma Eleven Victory Road will receive great news next week

inazuma eleven victory road will receive great news next week

It looks like Level-5 is going to deliver exciting news for fans waiting for Inazuma Eleven Victory Road. Apparently, there are upcoming news.

And it is that today we have been able to learn new details after confirming that it will be launched in the West. This is the date on which we will be able to know the most recent information about this delivery: to be announced on August 22, 2023.


that day is the 15th anniversary of the franchise, so it is not strange that they offer news. Fans are waiting for a new trailer to be shown and its worldwide release date confirmed, although it is not confirmed that this is what will be revealed.

Today Level-5 has held a meeting with the Japanese ambassadors of Inazuma Eleven and they will make public everything they have spoken on the 22nd of this monthso we’ll be watching.

We leave you with the most recent trailer:

Finally, it is also worth noting that all other games shown in the most recent Level-5 stream will be released in the West.


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