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Inkulinati producer speaks highly of Xbox Game Pass – Xbox


In xbox game pass, there is a varied catalog that allows us to discover new games that could go unnoticed. For many people, the service model is hurting the industry, for others it is a blessing that it offers you an alternative available to many and let’s not forget that it offers developers visibility for their titles, with this we realize that the different opinions that exist.


Bringing up the topic of service Xboxthe game Inkulinati will soon land on it and thanks to an interview conducted by the media TrueAchievementsto the producer of the title, Ryszard Kieltykawe can know the opinion of the latter, making it clear that this business model is very positive for everyone.

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Inkulinati: another predictable gem for Xbox Game Pass

From the interview with kieltykathe producer’s reflection emerges, referring to services such as Xbox Game Pass as a great option, since it gives many players the power to enjoy and try games that surely in other circumstances could not do so, he himself is an Xbox subscriber and sees great to have this variety of games and genres.

In addition, the producer believes that not only large productions are the only beneficiaries, but also sees the opportunity for small independent studios, having a place to make themselves known and capture the attention of users, even if they are incorporated over time. new games that may reduce some visibility. But there are many enthusiasts who explore and play the vast catalog of Xbox Game Pass giving opportunity to all of them.


“I feel like services like Game Pass are fantastic for the industry. Game Pass can be said to present great value for gamers and I can say that as a long time subscriber myself! The good thing about it is that it exposes people to a lot of games and game genres that they may not have come across.”

“Everyone hears about the big titles, but what about the smaller indie games? And it’s those smaller games that can really push the industry as a whole creatively. Game Pass allows people to try out these smaller titles, and if they become popular, it can show larger studios that it’s worth taking a risk or developing genres that might not make it to the top of the list. The other benefit of a subscription service is that gamers can discover all these new genres and fall in love with them without taking this perceived financial risk/hit. There could be so many fans hidden by turns in the Xbox crowd who don’t even know about this genre. Let’s hope they give Inkulinati a try and become a turn-based fan like us!”

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