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Inmotion V11, an electric unicycle that combines mobility and fun

With cities increasingly plagued by electric scooters, products like the one we are reviewing today are a breath of fresh air. And today we present the review of the Inmotion V11an electric unicycle that combines the function of mobility around the city with fun during the journey, or even off the asphalt.


Inmotion V11

Before starting the review we want to thank Inmotion for their confidence in The Computer Tinkerer by giving us this product for analysis.


Inmotion V11 Technical Specifications

Inmotion V11
Performance Motor power: 2200W
Top speed: 50 km/h (limited to 25 km/h)
Maximum angle of climb: 35º
Autonomy 120 km (20 km/h with 70 kg)
LG 84V / 1,500 Wh dual battery
Charging time: 8 hours (4 hours with dual charger)
84V/2.5A charger
Wheel 18 x 3 inches
maximum weight supported 120kg
Suspension 85mm travel pneumatic
Others 18W front light
5V/2.1A USB port
Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
IP55 certificate
Dimensions 67 x 50 x 20cm

Packaging and Accessories


We begin the review of Inmotion V11 after extracting it from a first neutral cardboard box to find a much more decorated inside that shows us the desEsports Extrasof the product and some of its main characteristics.


Inside, in addition to the unicycle itself, we find the user manual that tells us the first steps before using it and the accessory kit that we see below.



we find a 210W current transformer which provides 84V/2.5, a small air pump with a pressure gauge and the basic tools for small adjustments on the unicycle.

Inmotion V11 Design

lying down

After removing it from its packaging and removing some protections, we continue the review of the Inmotion V11 checking how it arrives almost completely ready to be usedbecause we only have to adjust the damping pressure to our body weight with the hand pump that we have seen in the accessory kit, or with any other that has a pressure gauge.


Nails on dimensions 67 x 50 x 20 cm and a weight of 27 kg, nothing is made portable or easy to take in weight to, for example, store it in the trunk of the car. It is heavy and somewhat junk, but as long as we do not want to take it by weight, it is not a big problem when incorporate a handle to transport it.

Inmotion V11 - Front view

equipped with a 18-inch diameter, 3-inch thick wheel Offering an off-road profile, the Inmotion V11 count with one 85mm air suspension system of travel that allows cushioning both the bumps in the terrain and going down steps without despair. This damping is carried out between the pedals and the wheel, therefore the initial configuration of the pneumatic pressure of the wheel is vital so that it adapts to our weight.


Inmotion V11 - Pedal 2

Inmotion V11 - Pedal

We have some large pedals or support platforms in which the foot must fit in its entirety, although with a 45, as in my case, it protrudes slightly at both ends. Of course, the surface is rough and with very good grip so that it does not slip in the slightest.

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Inmotion V11 - Side view

The Inmotion V11 It has inside a powerful 2200W motor that allows to reach a maximum speed of 50 km/halthough by default it comes limited from the mobile app to 25 km/h. This is due to the limitations of the European Union, although we can delimit it with a couple of clicks if we don’t mind exceeding the legal circulation limits or if we do it in an appropriate place. Provides enough power to climb slopes up to 35ºso urban mobility will not be a problem and trips to more complicated terrain should not be either.

On each side of the wheel, it has a set of batteries signed by LG that combine 84V and 1,500 Whfigures that allow it to offer a range up to 120 km. It is true that they indicate that this measure is for a constant speed of 20 km/h with a driver weighing 70 kg, so it is easily reduced by half to nothing if we weigh a little more and stop and accelerate, of course will. Writing down that does support drivers weighing up to 120 kg.


Inmotion V11 - Back view

On the back side we find a support to leave it supported when we do not use it. This support fulfills its purpose halfway, because nothing that we touch it from the side will fall due to its high weight. Personally, I think they should have opted for a lateral support that maintains it better, because even falling inside the house has broken a slab.

Another detail to highlight Inmotion V11 is that it has an 18W front light, which they classify as motorist class, and a rear position and brake light. It is true that the first light shines, but not even like that of a moped. Meanwhile, on the rear light we find the two charging ports that allow us to use two chargers and thus reduce the charging time of your battery of 8 hours at 4 hours, although the second charger is sold separately and is not cheap. In addition, it has a 5V/2.1A USB port that allows us to recharge any gadget using the unicycle as a power bank.

Inmotion V11 tests

Inmotion V11 - Side Tests

We finally reached the point of the review of the Inmotion V11 where we take it out to enjoy its use, or suffer learning to use it. I have to say that the first hours, in the patio of the house, I have spent them holding someone’s hand so as not to fall, because the lack of confidence means that you do not have balance. However, as you get the hang of it, the unicycle is actually very stable and builds confidence with every time you spend on it. Obviously, its motor keeps us vertical with forward and backward movement, in the same way as a Segway or children’s scooter, but the lateral balance must be maintained by us.

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Inmotion V11 - Frontal tests

After a few hours, you loosen up and maintain control relatively easily, although tight turns aren’t easy and neither are going down steps. Again, You just need to practice and practice to lose your fear and let the unicycle go alone. And it is that if we turn the body to where we want to turn, it turns, and if we lean to where we want to go, it accelerates or brakes in a really intuitive and precise way. Of course, putting it at the maximum 25 km/h that is limited from the factory can be dangerous during the first days, especially if we get scared and lose our balance. this is where I would recommend using elbow pads, knee pads and above all a helmet.


I leave you a video where you can see me already enjoying the Inmotion V11after passing that stage of suffering and initial learning, and going faster and with greater confidence.


A fundamental aspect of the Inmotion V11 is its suspension. It allows us to roll on cobbled paths with hardly any discomfort and go down steps without suffering. It is an aspect that adds a lot of weight to the unicycle, and therefore reduces autonomy, but that more than compensates for it with the extra comfort and safety that it offers in return.


Speaking of autonomy, in the front area we have a battery status indicator, perfect to know if we should turn around or we can still continue moving forward. In addition, we have to say that although it specifies a range of 120 km, this is reduced at the moment of truth and can be around 80 km with a person of about 85 kg. It is not a bad figure to offer urban mobility, although it is far from the range of autonomy of other lighter models, which do not have cushioning.



We can control different parameters from the APP, although using it at the same time as the unicycle can be dangerous. Of course, to unlock the 25 km/h we will have to register the unicycle, although it does not require anything else to become a real sport. And it is that exceeding those 25 km/h with a unicycle is not an easy task while maintaining total control, but like everything, it just requires practice.

Lastly, it should be noted that the integrated lights are an additional point of security, especially if we use it at night or in poorly lit areas. The front light illuminates, but as we have said, not as much as they promise.

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Inmotion V11

We conclude the review of the Inmotion V11 highlighting that we are dealing with a truly versatile vehicle, since we allows both urban mobility and fun. Taking into account its price, it is logical to think that we will not use it only for the former, since alternatives such as a scooter offer us similar benefits at a very low price. However, if we like extreme sports, this unicycle has a lot to offer. Its suspension allows us to take it from asphalt to dirt tracks with relative ease, being able to delimit it reach 50 km/h, which is said fast. In addition, it offers some 80 km autonomy, a figure that is not insignificant considering its weight. And it is that with almost 30kgIt is not very portable when it comes to mounting it in the trunk or moving it manually, but it is not a problem once we are on it.

On the other hand, we must also highlight that it has a front and rear light, fenders to protect us from the obvious, and a mobile app to control all its parameters. In addition, it is very robust and we have verified how it resists a slight lateral fall, even if it is scratched. Perhaps, as a drawback, we can say that the easel does not keep it stable enough laterally and that it could include the saddle, since it is an accessory that can be purchased separately and can be very useful after standing on it for a long time.


But perhaps the biggest problem we found after the review of the Inmotion V11 be its price. If we take into account that around 2,600 euros, we are facing a device that is not suitable for all pockets. It is true that it is an object of fun and that, as such, to think that it is expensive or cheap depends on the use that we give it and our economic possibilities, but it must be clear that the cheapest models do not offer their benefits, especially because they do not have suspension.

Main advantages
+ Fun and practical in equal measure
+ Very robust, resistant to light falls
+ Excellent power, up to 50 km/h
+ Very good autonomy, around 80 km
+ very effective suspension
+ Includes front and rear light
+ USB port for charging devices
Negative Aspects
Price not suitable for all budgets
It is not difficult to fall leaning on the easel
Other Aspects
* mobile app

from the The Computer Tinkerer we grant him the Gold Award to folding electric unicycle Inmotion V11.


Gold Award

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