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‘Insane’: Zelda TotK player gets the Master Sword without even being in Hyrule

'insane': zelda totk player gets the master sword without even

The Master Sword is usually found later in the game.

Also hidden in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the Master Sword, a legendary weapon that is only exhausted when used but does not break. Normally you can only find the sword after several hours of playing and completing certain quests. What a user on Reddit has now claimed sounds unbelievable.

Black_Hand_Gotthard shared a screenshot with the sword and wrote:

“Just got the Master Sword without visiting the surface.”


An astonishing achievement

Of course, to understand what’s so amazing about this achievement, you have to understand the structure of the game.

Tears of the Kingdom starts with a tutorial section lasting several hours on the lost sky island and only then does Link jump to the surface of Hyrule. Here he will also find extremely important items such as the paraglider, which makes progress much easier.


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Black_Hand_Gotthard apparently deliberately ignored this. And he traveled to other sky islands with the help of built Sonau flying vehicles until he had completed enough puzzle shrines there to level up his stamina high enough – recovering the sword requires two full stamina rings.


But this is also extremely tricky without aids such as the glider:

Warning: the following paragraph contains spoilers

After all, the sword is in the head of the huge white dragon that hovers over Hyrule and which you first have to get to.

No video evidence

So that must have been quite lengthy and laborious, but that’s precisely why it was a remarkable achievement. Accordingly, many of the comments under the picture are surprised.


For example, ThaDiamondBoi writes:

“So even without a paraglider? That’s crazy, I should try it out”

And jon2000 asks:


“Is there a video of it?”

And here actually lies a small problem. There is no record of this story, just the one shared screenshot. Although Black_Hand_Gotthard assures that he can share pictures of the inventory at this point, we cannot 100% verify that he actually provided this service.

Since its release, Tears of the Kingdom has proven several times that pretty crazy things are possible there – so why not something like that?


Tears of the Kingdom was released for the Nintendo Switch in May 2023 and once again offers a huge game world full of missions and secrets. On you will find lots of tips and guide articles. Among other things, overviews of recipes, armor and weapons, but also solution aids for individual shrines and the temples in the game.

Reality and fantasy are often close together, so what do you think? Is his story true, or did he just make it up?