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Install an SSD in the PC: step by step guide

Follow these steps to install an SSD drive in your desktop computer.

Install an SSD in the PC: step by step guide

Any computer can lag in a matter of years, but it can be updated whenever you need it. A PC can show the first symptoms when runs slow, which can mean several things. For this reason it is so important to keep the Internal hard-drive in good condition, although HDD drives are being replaced by SSDs due to better performance read and write speed. The advantages offered by an SSD disk are enormous, so today we will tell you how to install an ssd in pc desktop step by step.

Running an SSD improves the execution of more demanding programs such as editing software or even the video games with higher requirements. That is the main reason why current consoles already include an SSD drive compared to traditional mechanical disks (HDD). can also be purchased external storage to playbut what we seek is to expand the space and the performance of our computer with the installation of an SSD.

How to connect diso SSD in a PC

You need to connect the SATA data cable (right) and power cable (left)


In that case you have to take into account several aspects of the SSD such as SATA (or M.2) ports, the power supply or the physical space of the PC to fix the disk. The components of a computer have to connect to motherboard it has to have at least 2 SATA ports. The SSD itself includes a SATA cable for connection, but it can also be purchased separately if necessary. now that you know where to install the SSDit will be very easy to follow all these steps to improve your PC.

  • How to install an SSD in the PC: step by step
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How to install an SSD in the PC: step by step

There are many specialized brands in the data storage and PC components. SSDs are solid state drives that lack disk unlike mechanical disks (HDD). Instead it uses non-volatile memory and the same sata interface than hard drives. This gives many facilities to be able to exchange the old computer disk for the new one, although they do not have the same size. SSD drives are smaller size (2.5 inches) and many old computers do not have adequate space, but there are bay adapters highly recommended.


The area designed for the hardware installation in a computer chassis and are usually a standard size. So you can first check if you have a free bay available on your computer. If you have already familiarized yourself with all these elements, it is time to take action. Here’s a complete tutorial to install the SSD on your computer.

SSD Plus SATA III SanDisk2.5-inch Hard Drive/SSD Adapter


Operating System Installation (Windows)

Create Windows 10 boot disk

Launches the Media Creation Tool

We need a windows boot disk or download a version of Windows 10 on a flash drive. This must be prepared in advance so that the computer recognize the SSD disk and be able to boot it into your operating system. It is the first and the last step of this tutorial, since we will not install Windows 10 on SSD drive until the end. So it is important to have an Internet connection and a flash drive of at least 8 GB. Enter the Microsoft page and follow these steps:

  1. Download the tool to create installation media from the microsoft page.
  2. Start the app Media Creation Tool (being an administrator).
  3. Accept the License Terms and select [Crear medios de instalación].
  4. Select the flash drive that you have previously connected and format it.
  5. Windows will automatically download to the flash drive.
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Open the computer and connect the SSD to the power supply

Check that Windows 10 has been installed on the flash drive because you will need it later. Now it’s time to get down to work turn off the computer and disassemble the box. The SSD connects via SATA (or M.2) interface for data transfer between the motherboard and the device. Your computer may have several such connections for connect different hard drives. If it doesn’t work or your PC doesn’t have this type of power supply, you can buy an adapter that he does recognize it.

Molex to SATA power cable adapter


Connect to the motherboard and fix the SSD

Kingston mSATA SSD

Kingston is one of the leading data storage brands

At this time, the SSD disk has to be connected to power supply. So the next step is to connect it to the motherboard, where all the essential components of the computer are located. Find the sata connections to connect the SSD via the cable that is normally included. If this is not the case, you can buy it individually.


sata cable

Until now it has been pretty easy to install the SSD in the computer. It goes without saying that special care must be taken when handling a motherboard and other PC components. Before mounting the case again, you could fix the SSD drive in some free bay. These spaces are designed so that rest computer part and not leave it hanging, but sometimes it is not possible. Older computers have bays the size of conventional hard drives, while 2.5-inch SSDs don’t have a place. Again, we recommend that look at an adapter to solve the problem.

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2.5-inch Hard Drive/SSD Adapter


Install Windows on SSD drive

Setup BIOS for Boot Disk

Access the BIOS on the initial screen when turning on the computer

To finish the installation of the SSD disk, you have to take the bootable flash drive that we had prepared. Turn on the computer and open the BIOS on initial screen. Now the computer has a new internal disk, so you have to configure the system for you to recognize. First you have to boot the system from the pendrive or disk that we have previously connected. The objective is install windows 10 on ssd drive and select it as default boot from the BIOS menu.


This last step will depend a lot on the motherboard manufacturer, but it has to appear something similar to the image. When you finish this configuration, the computer will be ready to work again with the already integrated SSD disk. This component will give your equipment more power to enjoy the best pc games ever. Remember that many games have demanding requirements, so in addition to upgrading the internal drive, it is possible to upgrade other components such as processor or graphics card.

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