Installing Windows 10 on the Steam Deck is not recommended, as tempting as it may seem

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Valve’s laptop is taking its first steps little by little and addressing its huge reserve list with weekly shipments. That is why, although Steam Deck draws the attention of PC users who are dazzled by the American proposal, its impact on the market is less. In this panorama, those first users with the console and the most technological capable of unraveling the best and most hidden details of it will serve as a link for players who have not yet taken the step and now we know that although it may seem striking, installing Windows 10 is not recommended.

Out of the box, Steam Deck arrives on the market under Steam OS, the operating system developed and created by Valve itself on which Steam and machines like the now defunct Steam Machines are based. Although last week we woke up with the news of the possibility of installing the Microsoft operating system on the laptop, using it instead of SteamOS can greatly reduce the rate of images per second.

It has been the well-known channel LinusTechTips that has tested its impact on various video games such as the recent Hitman 3, whose rate of images per second drops to 19fps instead of the 34 frames per second it usually runs at, it’s not the best number but it’s still playable above 30 FPS under SteamOS. On the other hand, DOOM Eternal, which works under the Vulkan API and has offered such good results, loses about 20 FPS and runs at 45 frames per second.

Elden Ring, for example, suffers less from the impact of changing the operating system and only loses an average of 8 images per second. Even so, the image rate in Windows 10 remains just in the 30fps in high quality at 1280×800, the maximum resolution of the console. Aside from this, Linus Tech adds that while the PC version of the Steam Deck is experiencing performance issues, it appears that in Steam Deck under Windows 10which should give similar results to any computer, problems like the stuttering they almost completely disappear.

Far from the world of video games, it seems that the laptop does not fully recognize the Microsoft operating system when it comes to accessing options or different applications. For now, Linus Tech’s tests make it clear that while the console is tremendously functional under its operating system and the care of Valve seems to show that we are facing a product that will remain on the market for a long time, not very friendly to software modifications.

Windows comes to Steam Deck with the official drivers and they can be downloaded now, but they have many limitations

In fact, Bungie has already announced that Destiny 2, the title that has elevated the company in recent years and that has recently released the expansion The Witch Queen, it will not work on Valve’s handheld console. For those avid gamers interested in playing the shooter-looter Bypassing the limitations, Halo’s parent company announced unmediated bans if we managed to run their IP on Steam Deck.

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