Installing Windows 11 on an old PC is possible with this trick

Tom Henry

installing windows 11 on an old pc is possible with

The operating system is essential in our computer, since it will determine what it is capable of doing. This will be responsible for providing all the functions and features that the PC can do, in addition to allowing us to play games and run programs. Knowing that Windows 10 is going to die in October 2025, many are switching to Windows 11. Windows 11 will continue to receive updates and support from Microsoft for a long time and although its requirements may be high, they can now be avoided with a trick and will allow us install the OS even on old PCs.

Generally, it is always recommended that we use the most modern operating system. However, in the case of Windows it has not always been like this because we have had versions of the operating system that, although more modern, were worse. Examples of this would be Windows Vista vs XP or Windows 8 vs 7. In the case of modern Windows this is not the case, since both 10 and 11 are more than suitable for the average user.

By adding a command line you can install Windows 11 without meeting requirements

That is why whenever we can update to Windows 11 it is something that is recommended and even more so knowing the amount of improvements brought by its last update. There are more and more users who end up moving from Windows 10 to 11, but there are cases where that is not possible. And, among the requirements of Windows 11, we must have a 64-bit CPU and a TPM 2.0 chip. Although any processor from a few years ago will work for us with the 64-bit CPU, there are cases where an older, incompatible PC is available.

Perhaps more problematic is the TPM 2.0 chip, since it is not found in many systems. Now luckily a trick has been found to be able to evade these requirements and literally install Windows 11 on virtually any PC. This is as simple as opening the command prompt as administrator, typing CMD in the Windows search bar. Here we will have to write “setup /product server“. If it doesn’t work, you can also use \setup.exe as other users in the thread have shown.

Windows 11 can be installed, but correct operation is not guaranteed


With this trick we can skip any requirement that Windows 11 asks of us and that before would have prevented us from installing of the operating system. During the installation we will get the message that Windows Server is being installed, but it will actually have been installed Windows 11 Home or Pro. This method really costs nothing to do and can be very useful for all those who want to have the latest Windows on an incompatible PC.

For example, if we have an old computer that for some reason we want to update to this OS, we can do it without problems. Now, this only takes care of skipping the requirements, but then the performance will depend entirely on the PC or laptop. If this has little RAM or a very old processorit probably won’t work very well and it would be best to use an older Windows or better yet, Linux. We must also take into consideration that even if we have Windows 11, the programs and games may not be compatible or work well.

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