Intel and AMD, roadmap 2024 and 2025 in CPUs for laptops

Tom Henry

intel and amd, roadmap 2024 and 2025 in cpus for

Intel, AMD and Qualcomm are very close to presenting new products, where next year and the next will be full of new features. As we have been seeing for some time, and it is something that has not happened much in the last decade, the three manufacturers are changing their plans, continually restructuring dates, even canceling products in a surprising way. Today’s is the last of these updatesat least for now, since we have the roadmap of Intel and AMD in 2024 and 2025 for laptops.

The three brands insist on hiding their products until almost the end, until almost the launch. In this case we have certain surprises, because AMD is going to push more than expected after certain rumors that seemed very optimistic.

AMD Roadmap 2024 and 2025 for laptops: APUs with Zen 5 in two variants


It is the main novelty. The rumors last week were a bit optimistic, since it seemed that Zen 4 would be the architecture of Strix Point and Strix Halo for the nuclei… But no. Lisa Su’s people are going to put the answer to Intel’s Meteor Lake in the laptop market with these two new generation platforms that will surely debut at the beginning of 2024.

Strix Halo will integrate cores Zen 5C with architecture GPU RDNA 3.5 and will endure so much DDR5 as LPDDR5X. Below we will have Strix Pointwhich adds Zen 5C+D with architecture RDNA 3.5 for the iGPU, all with support for LPDDR5X.

Below we have Hawk Pointwhich will be the update of phoenix and therefore it will have nuclei Zen 4 with RDNA 3 and support for both types of memory. This is a bit of a disappointment, because there were rumors that it could integrate RDNA 3.5, something that seems not to happen, and in short, it is simply an upgrade of the previous architecture.

Intel Roadmap 2024 and 2025 for laptops: 3 new architectures for next year


Well yes, the rumors are confirmed once again. Therefore, there will be Raptor Lake Refresh within the gaming range HX, but there will also be a renewal of the low-consumption U series. That is, Intel will offer a series of TOP CPU models for gaming that will replace those that already exist, somewhat faster to dethrone AMD, while in the low consumption range and Ultrabooks also wants to hurt the reds against Hawk Point.

As if that were not enough, Meteor Lake will also have U and H rangewhich leaves us with three different architectures for 4 disparate product ranges that will complement each other, sowing a bit of chaos with names and performance, since we will have many nomenclatures.

That will be before the end of this year, debuting next year on the market in some cases. For example, on December 14th we will have the Meteor Lake-Hwhich will enter 2024 with the Raptor Lake Refresh HX, Meteor Lake U15 (high-end ultraportables) Raptor Lake Refresh-U (low range for low consumption Ultraportables) and finally Meteor Lake-U9which will be destined for ultra-low-power laptops (slide below).

In 2025 there will be 4 different architectures for 6 market segments

Intel-Roadmap-laptops-2024-and-2025,-Meteor-Lake-H,-Meteor-Lake-U,-Raptor-Lake-Refresh-HX,-Raptor-Lake-Refresh-H,-Arrow-Lake-HX ,-Arrow-Lake-Hy-Lunar-Lake-M

But what about 2025? Well, it comes strong with renovations in all these fields. The first to debut by the end of next year, curiously, are Arrow Lake-H which replaces Meteor Lake-H as high-end laptops and moderate consumption, but also the surprising Raptor Lake Refresh-Hwhich does not debut soon, but is prolonged for more than a year.

Finally, by 2024, Lunar Lake-M, which is quite deflated (there were higher expectations), since it replaces Meteor Lake-U9 as the entry-level and ultra-low consumption architecture. Just above this range remains, also as a surprise, Raptor Lake Refresh-U, which will be there for two full years, since it seems that Intel has no signs of a replacement until 2026.

Lastly, and no less important, the highest-end replacements for laptops within the gaming sector will arrive at the beginning of 2025 with the Arrow Lake-HX. As a last detail, we must see that the diagram is cut in 2025but no architecture with its processors arrives until the end of the year. That is to say, Intel is preparing ALL of its replacements for two years and they will be released, if the roadmap is completely correct and there are no changes, at the same time on the market.

Given the coming and going of architectures, we do not venture to say where the following will fit, because Intel’s segmentation by power and market is impressive, with 4 different architectures for 6 different strata of the market.

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