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Intel and AMD will end the low-end GPU on PC, what will NVIDIA do?

intel and amd will end the low end gpu on pc,

Laptops have progressed over the years and we’ve gone from heavy, low-battery devices to rather the opposite. Today, we have very light and thin laptops, which are capable of playing games and running all kinds of programs. In fact, even integrated ones have advanced enough to be a fear of low-end dedicated GPUs. It is believed that in a few years, the integrated ones can cannibalize the low-end dedicated graphics and as a solutionNVIDIA could make an agreement with Intel to have GPU Tiles on your Panther Lake.

Thanks to the increased performance of integrated graphics, consoles like the Steam Deck have come to light. AMD has managed to position itself as the best option in integrated graphics and in the end, this is the one chosen to create the portable consoles. However, Intel is not going to give up and is expected to Meteor Lake be much more component in integrated graphics. As we said months ago, there is speculation that they could double the performance they currently have, which would translate into matching or surpassing the best that AMD can offer.


NVIDIA could implement its graphics in Intel Panther Lake GPU Tiles

Again we have Moore’s Law is Dead or MLID, one of the biggest hardware leakers we see getting it right on many occasions. This time, we have another almost two hour video and to limit the content that is going to be discussed, we are going to focus exclusively on the NVIDIA and Intel Panther Lake GPU Tiles. But before talking about it, MLID considers that Intel Meteor Lake has already achieved everything it has promised and even its iGPU gets a performance of a GTX 1650, so it will be a very balanced option for laptops. NVIDIA dedicated GPUs are clearly a better option than any integrated one, but you have to keep in mind that they consume more power.

With Meteor Lake they get half the power of a future RTX 4050but double battery, so it is a better option taking into account the market where they are intended. This is where the idea arises that since NVIDIA has nothing to compete with in that market sector, they think it would be a good idea if the brand worked with Intel to create a powerful APU. The idea would be to be able to have NVIDIA GPU Tiles on Intel Panther Lake. It may sound like a complete impossibility, but amazingly MLID ensures that a NVIDIA contact said they would probably try to do it.


If they manage to integrate into Intel, they would be able to save the low-end GPU

RTX 3050 mod x16

The idea that Moore’s raises is that NVIDIA manages to establish a contact with Intel in order to have GPU Tiles within the Panther Lake chip itself. Even though it’s a low-end graphics card, if they got this, they might have greater presence in the portable market and to be able to say that they are part of an “APU”. In fact, Metrology Engineer, the guest of this video, has opined that if NVIDIA achieved this and put a professional graphics on an Intel chipthey would be even more successful.

And it is that, AMD does not have competent professional graphics in the notebook industry, so NVIDIA has the entire market at its disposal. MLID believes that the best option is for the company to continue producing the best professional GPU models for the high-end laptops and PCsbut in turn, try to make a contract with Intel to enter that market.

If they could implement professional graphics in GPU Tiles with Intel Panther Lake, they would have a good number of users in the industry interested in this idea, looking for cheaper professional solutions. The goal would be to try save low-end graphics cards, maintaining its presence in the market. And it is that, at the rate that Intel and AMD are going with the integrated ones, they will soon reach them or will be a better option, so you have to look for alternatives like this.


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