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Intel and Samsung show slider monitors, are they the future of the PC?

There are smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold or the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold laptop, which are characterized by offering a larger screen without being much larger than usual. This is thanks to the fact that they use a folding desEsports Extraswith an OLED screen on Lenovo or an Infinity Flex screen on Samsung. Now we have an advance in this sector, but oriented to the world of computers and laptops, because Intel Y Samsung have been working on the world’s first sliding PC screen.

The future is here and the possibility of having large screens in small dimensions has already become a reality. With the OLED flexible panels we could already see that it was possible to have a smartphone with a much larger screen, without greatly increasing its size, except for thickness. In laptops we also saw the first models that implemented this, allowing greater flexibility when choosing how we want to work. But all this had little use in the world of PCs, until now, as Samsung and Intel have shown what would be the first screen with a sliding design.

This is the sliding screen for PC created by Samsung and Intel

As we can see in this short video, the main concept behind this prototype is to be able to expand the screen without forcing that crease in the center that we had in folding screens. Thus, Intel and Samsung show a screen in format 13 inch tablet what does it achieve expand to 17 inches. Although not many details are given about the technology, since it is still in proof of concept, it has been achieved using a flexible OLED display next to that sliding mechanism. According to J. S. Choithis would be the world’s first 17″ sliding screen for PC, developed with the aim of achieving a larger screen without sacrificing portability.

Pat Gelsinger Intel Slider Screen

Choi assures that this is the end of foldable screens on PC, because the sliders will be used in computers and laptops in the future. We can also see the CEO of Intel, Pat Gelsinger, showing the operation of this screen of the future. For all those who may think that this will be limited to tablets, it should be noted that this prototype is still is in early stage of development. In fact, they claim that keyboard can be added as the desEsports Extrasmatures and we may see various uses where such a technology could be useful, such as a AIO PCs or laptops. Of course, not a word about its launch and possible price, as all this will be confirmed in the future.

We see similarities to the LG Rollable Phone presented at CES 2021

LG Rollable Phone Sliding

Actually this type of technology is not totally new, since LG showed something similar at CES 2021. In this it presented its LG Rollable Phonea smartphone with a “roll-up screen” that, as we see by design, seems to be a mechanism similar to the sliding screen of Intel and Samsung. In addition, from this we can already see some real evidence of how it works, which confirms the theory. It is a screen that extends from 6.8 inches to 7.4 inchesbut with the particularity that the tactile response of the mobile is used.

All this may sound very modern, but in the case of LG, sacrifices have been made in terms of hardware. And it is that, this LG Rollable is a mobile with Snapdragon 888, 12GB RAM256 GB of storage and 4500mAhtogether with a weight of 285 grams. Here it denotes the fact that it began development in 2021 and has taken a long time to show how it would actually work. This could indicate that sliding screens of this type, like the one from Intel and Samsung for PCs, we would not see them for a few years.

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