Intel announced this weekend some new graphics drivers for both its Intel Arc GPUs and Intel Iris iGPUs, these improve the performance of League of Legends and add support for new releases. Specifically, they arrive to support new releases such as the exoprimaland the Jagged Alliance 3. Officially, these drivers respond to the name of Intel Graphics Beta Driver for Intel Arc A-Series Graphics and Intel Iris Xe Graphics. Yes, too long.

When it comes to performance improvements, only one of the most played games in the world benefits, League of Legends. Under the DirectX 11 API, playing at 1080p resolution, with Very High graphics quality, the performance improvement experienced is up to 6%. If you play at a 1440p resolution, at the same graphic quality, the performance improvement is already up to 10%.


These performance improvements are linked to the use of a GPU Intel Arc A750. This graphics card was accompanied by an Intel Core i9-13900K CPU, an ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO motherboard, and 32GB of CORSAIR DOMINATOR Platinum RGB DDR5 @ 5,600 MHz RAM. The operating system is Windows 11. You can download these new Intel drivers focused on League of Legends and new releases from the Intel website.


Fixes implemented in these new drivers for Intel GPUs beyond League of Legends

  • Halo Infinite (DX12) may freeze or crash after loading the game menu.
  • Dota 2 (DX11) broadcast with XSplit Broadcaster may show corruption in Game Capture mode.

Known issues yet to be resolved

Intel Arc Graphics Products:

  • Shadow of The Tomb Raider (DX11) may experience an application crash after loading the game menu.
  • The system may hang upon waking up from sleep. It may be necessary to power cycle the system to recover.
  • GPU hardware acceleration may not be available for media playback and encoding with some versions of Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Topaz Video AI may experience errors when using some models for video enhancement.
  • Blender 3.6 may experience an application crash during rendering operations when hardware ray tracing is enabled.
  • Adobe After Effects may experience an application crash during rendering operations.

Intel Iris Xe MAX Graphics Products:

  • Driver installation may not complete successfully on certain laptops with Intel Iris Xe + Iris Xe MAX devices. It may be necessary to reboot the system and reinstall the graphics driver for the installation to be successful.

Products with Intel Core processor:

  • Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 (DX12) may show corruption in certain light sources such as fire.