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Intel breaks 8 GHz speed after decades without being able to get close

Too much time has passed Intel without getting close to its old maximum overclocking marks, since like AMD they have trusted everything to the optimization of the architectures to achieve an increase in the IPC, while the frequency remained much lower due to the lower energy efficiency of the nodes and of course, the greater number of cores. But that is going to change, because a new low overclock result puts the i9-13900K at 8 GHz exactHow good will the new Raptor Lake processors be?

Well, it has been almost 20 years since Intel has approached the 8 GHz frequency, so it has rained a lot and, nevertheless, there was nothing to do. What has been achieved by the new and better processor of the brand is nothing more than the advance that is to come, to the point that we could be talking about a new world record if everything goes as expected…

The i9-13900K will be a beast at overclocking, 8 GHz with LN2 and…

Intel Core i9-13900K overclocked 8GHz CPU-Z

And eight active cores, not one, which gives much more merit to the frequency achieved. Although it is true that the E-Cores have been turned off for obvious reasons, we must give due credit for reaching this frequency starting from 5.8GHz on one core and a frequency for all P-Cores of no less than 5.5GHz

We have to go back to the time of the 2000s to see what we are going to see now, because although the undisputed leader is still the AMD FX-8370 with a frequency to a nucleus of 8772.8MHz. Can the i9-13900K really beat this extreme overclock figure? Not today, but something quite interesting is specified by the same overclocker that makes us have hopes about this almost 20 years later, which is not little.

And it is that if this i9-13900K has achieved 8 GHz with 8 active P-Cores (without HT)what will it be able to do when only one core is left running?

The limit is still far away, the world record could fall

Intel Core i9-13900K AOTS Exceeds AMD 5950X 5800X3D

East i9-13900K @ 8GHz has obtained its frequency with a 100MHz BCLK typical in Intel and a multiplier to 80, where the voltage to achieve the mark has been located in 1,792V nothing less. The best of all is what the overclocker himself has commented, since he assures that, although he has logically used liquid nitrogen, this frequency has been reached in a simple way, to the point of calling it the baseline for extreme overclocking of this processor.

The data we saw this week with a relatively high voltage, for air Already 6.5GHz seems to be very much in line with the data now shown, except that this i9-13900K @ 8GHz does not have the Active E-cores as if the aforementioned had them.

Unfortunately, the overclocker has not talked about consumption or sub-zero temperature achieved, nor the motherboard used, something that he claims he cannot name at this time, we assume due to confidentiality agreements. At the same time, he claims that this will be one of many overclocks that will break the 8 GHz barrier with LN2, so it looks like Raptor Lake will be a very suitable platform for overclocking at all levels and according to equipment and cooling, something that in recent years was almost forgotten due to how tight the processors came as standard.

At the same time, this speaks highly of the second generation of the controversial Intel 10nm, still being DUV and not EUV. can we get to 7 GHz by water with custom cooling? 6.5GHz over the air? We’ll see, but everything points in the right direction.

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