Intel Core 14, official price of its CPUs and gaming performance

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intel core 14, official price of its cpus and gaming

About a year ago, Intel launched its Core 13 Raptor Lake processors, which were able to not only compete against the Ryzen 7000, but surpass them. They had great performance in games, although they had to raise the frequencies a lot to achieve this and therefore, power consumption skyrocketed. They are now the new Intel Core 14 are about to come out and so much has already been filtered official prices as their performance by Intel itself.

For a few years now, we have seen how processors have been advancing quite quickly, competing with Intel and AMD. The fact that both companies now launch CPUs that manage to surpass their rival, causes them to counterattack with something better. This started when Intel became a real rival against Intel with the Zen architecture, since previously all we saw were IPC improvements. Let us remember that era that lasted from the Intel Quad 2 Quad from 2006 until the Intel Core i7-7700Kwhere the processors They only had 4 cores.

These are the official sales prices of the Intel Core 14

Intel Core specifications prices

Instead, we now have an i9-13900K that has no less than 24 cores, although remember that they are a combination of P-Cores and E-Cores. Although it is relatively new, now the 13900K is not the most powerful Intel processor, because tomorrow, that is, October the 17thalready the i9-14900K can be purchased and other Intel Core 14 models, since in fact the official prices are already known. We can see these in the Intel slide that shows the specifications and finally, the sales price in dollars.

Specifically, it is expected that the i9-14900K it’s going to cost $589while the variant i9-14900KF it will be worth some $564. Below him we have i7-14700K by 406 dollars and to i7-14700KF by $384. Lastly, we have the i5-14600K by $319 and to i5-14600KF by $294.

Although these prices are the official Intel prices in dollars, we have already found the price in euros as well. And the store Alternate It ended up violating Intel’s RMA, as it put the Core 14 on sale ahead of time. At least 9 units were sold and it is known that the price of the i9-14900K It was from 685 euros.

The i9-14900K is up to 23% faster in 1080p games vs Ryzen 7950X3D

Intel Core 14 1080p gaming performance

Now that we have seen the official prices of the Intel Core 14, it’s time to see its performance. And the company has shown in a series of slides how its processors are considerably faster than the Ryzen 7000. Starting with the games to 1080p, we have a comparison between the Intel Core 14 and the Ryzen 9 7950X3D. Here we see that Intel has chosen a wide variety of titles, even those where it comes out badly. And it is that, in DOTA 2 the i9 performs 77% of the Ryzenwhile in others like Cyberpunk 2077 have the 89% of your rival’s FPS. Other titles like Company of Heroes 3 perform exactly the same on both CPUs.

But in the end, more than half of these games take advantage of Intel, like the CS:GO with a 114%he Warhammer III with a 122% either starfield with a 123%. If we compare it with the Ryzen 9 7950X, we see that the differences are even greater in games like Total War: Warhammer III. If we go to the section of content creation with video editing and 3D rendering programs, we once again see the i9-14900K being superior. Here it becomes up to 17% faster than Ryzen 9 7950X in AutoCAD. Finally, Intel assures that, compared to the i7-12700Kit is up to a 63% faster in rendering in After Effects.

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