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Intel Core 14 with Raptor Lake-S Refresh: Release date

intel core 14 with raptor lake s refresh: release date

The market is moving and manufacturers are almost ready for the arrival of the new Intel processors. According to ASRock, the date for the blues is set, to the point that the motherboard brand has dared to limit the time, and as expected, we are very close. In fact, the Intel Core 14 with his “new” Raptor Lake-S Refresh architecture They have a date: they will arrive at some point in October, but will they have full compatibility?

Well, everything makes us think that yes, that all manufacturers will give full support to all the processors launched by Intel, but… There are certain rumors that this will not be the case in certain motherboard models, which is curious and not it is understood too much except for keeping the plate itself. Meanwhile, we have confirmation from the brand of certain developments in these processors.


ASRock confirms that Intel Core 14 with Raptor Lake-S Refresh is coming soon


From China, the company has launched the appeal for all its users and openly when it stated that the next update of its UEFI will support the Intel Core 14 in its entirety. The doubt arises when talking about plates with 600 and 700 series chipset as a set, since a brief “may” be compatible is used there, which leaves everything up in the air and rumors suggest that not all models will be updated. At least in ASRock.

Likewise, this will have to be confirmed once the processors are presented and the UEFIs are launched as such, so we will have to wait, although not too long. And it is that to give said support the date has been clear: October 2023so we understand that in said month it will be when the Intel Core 14 to stores around the world.

More speed in BMI, a small performance jump


In addition to what has been said, a jump in RAM speed and general performance is expected. There is talk of a specification of DDR5-6400 memorywhich could make it low XMP and overclock Let’s see figures close to 9GHz in this section.


Regarding the jump in global performance, there are several rumors that point to figures in ST between +4% and +8%Meanwhile in MT the figures go from 8% to 15% depending on the chosen scenario. This is quite a lot if we take into account that, in theory and according to what has been leaked, there will be few changes in the architecture and everything will be based on the included FIVR assumption that will allow better efficiency and, thanks to this, higher frequencies.

Surely, this is what allows this increase in performance mentioned, which together with what was said in the RAM could give figures similar to those described on paper. In any case, it is good news to know that the Intel Core 14 with Raptor Lake-S Refresh to their credit they have such a close release date, because they will once again move the PC market, and theoretically take the crown of gaming performance once again.


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