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Intel creates an Arc A750 graphics card made with 6,000 LEGO pieces

On several occasions we have seen how they combine hardware with LEGO, be it keyboards and peripherals or even PC towers. In fact, they celebrated this past Halloween event by creating a liquid-cooled LEGO tower PC and a well-cooled RTX 3090. Apparently there are quite a few hardware and LEGO fans out there, like Zach Hill, a Intel marketing executivewho is designing a Arc A750 GPU with LEGO.

Intel decided to launch its line of graphics cards in 2022 Arc Alchemistwhich began with the model of low end A380. Although it is true that this GPU could be purchased in the US, at first it was limited only to Chinese territory and in Europe we have not even seen it. It wasn’t until NVIDIA released its RTX 4090 that Intel decided to follow suit and sell the rest of its Arc. So we have the Arc A750 and A770, which were launched with a very competitive price, but with very green drivers. While its performance wasn’t bad on DirectX 12 for the price, in gaming DirectX 11 and below had a very low FPS rate. Fortunately, over time Intel managed to fix this problem and released some drivers that increased up to a 80% performance in old games.

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Intel has spent 6 months developing an Arc GPU made with LEGO in 3D


Zach Hill, a marketing executive for Intel, is a fan of LEGO and has proven capable of recreating a Intel Arc A750 made with the famous blocks. However, it is not a real prototype, as for the moment it is entirely designed in 3D and has been presented during the Intel Creators Office Hours. Specifically, we can see the streaming on twitch of how this is being created 3D GPU. Of course, it must be said that the company assures that they have been developing it for 6 months and indicate that it has a size 1:1 areal from an Arc A750. In addition, as we can see, some physical parts were also recreated, in order to have references and complete the 3D design.

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If we’re curious, the program Zach uses is BrickLink Studioa free software owned by the LEGO Group. This allows the construction of anything we want using a library of LEGO blocks. Although it is true that the video shows the A770 Limited EditionIntel ensures that finally the model will be the A750, so there is still work to do.

Making this Arc A750 with LEGO in real life would cost $120 or more

lego intel detail

Making graphics with LEGO is not something very common, especially in real life, assembling the blocks one by one. But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been die-hard fans of these building blocks who wanted to go a step further. In fact, if we remember, a decade ago a user dedicated 3 months of his life to create a huge GTX 690 with LEGO. With half the time it took Intel, I desEsports Extrasa GPU of 173 cm in length and 65 cm in height with a total of 11,396 LEGO blocks. All this, for a small price of €1,213 at the time.

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Intel, for its part, estimates that the Arc A750 GPU that they are designing with LEGO in 3D would cost $120 or more if they designed it in real life. To do this, they indicate that it would be necessary to buy between 500 and 6000 LEGO blocks. Now, it is possible that in the end they can recreate it in reality, but for this they need the support of the public, since they need to get 10,000 votes in 6 months.

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