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Intel GPUs sell better than expected, have caught up with AMD

It doesn’t take a fortune teller to know that since cryptocurrency mining has become unprofitable, GPU sales have plummeted. This was to be expected since we no longer have miners purchasing hundreds or even thousands of these GPUs to make huge amounts of money on their mining farms. Today most of the sales belong to PC users and between inflation and expensive prices, it is not that we buy much. But in the midst of this crisis, the Intel Arc GPUs have shown incredible growth and in Q4 2022 caught up with AMD in market share.

2022 was a fateful year if we focus on hardware sales and specifically, graphics cards. And it is that, compared to last yearthere has been a 38% drop in GPU shipments and during the fourth quarter of 2022, the shipments fell 15.4%. We could see how the reports from Jon Peddie Research indicated that NVIDIA remained very strong, with shipment figures much higher than other companies. Among the remaining two we find curious data, since AMD continued to fall, but Intel began to steal market share in GPUs.

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Intel GPUs already have the same market share as AMD’s

JPD GPU Market Share Intel

More data is being revealed from the Jon Peddie Research report and now we have additional information on the GPU market share with very interesting data. And it is that, as we can observe, from the 26 million units sold in Q4 2021 to 13 million in Q4 2022, we see that total GPU sales halved in one year. If we focus on the third quarter of 2022 and compare it with the fourth quarter, we can see that GPU sales have fallen less, but the market share between companies has undergone quite a few changes.

Using the quarterly data we see that NVIDIA has gone from a 86% to 82% of the total number of GPUs sold, remaining the absolute leader in sales. But the curious thing comes with AMD and Intelwhere both tied for 9% GPU market share each. It’s hard to believe, but Intel has managed to catch up with AMD before the end of 2022 and all thanks to the Intel Arc GPUswhich were severely criticized for months for its drivers and bad performance in old games.

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Intel data are estimates and are not exact figures

Intel Arc A750 on sale in Japan - cover

Intel’s success has not lasted long, since Jon Peddie himself has confirmed that unlike AMD, thes Intel figures are estimates based on its financial reports. Jon thinks we shouldn’t get too excited about what we’ve seen, and because of that, it’s likely that in reality Intel and AMD have not tied in market share. Now that this has been clarified, we must talk about a fact that is very important and that is the huge drop in sales of AMD GPUs.

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According to the Jon Peddie Research graph, in Q4 2021 AMD had a market share of 18% total GPUs. That’s a very low number compared to NVIDIA, but it’s double the 9% they got in Q4 2022in the middle of the Christmas period and after the launch of the RX 7900 XTX and XT. AMD is not having great sales of graphics cards and while Intel does not stop announcing great improvements and news that make their Intel Arc be interesting for the average consumer. And it is that, GPU like the Arc A750 are worth now US$249 and they have been seen by €140 in Japan. Considering this price and the performance improvements by driversIntel would be beginning to be an opponent to take into account.

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