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Intel Has Problems With Meteor Lake High-Performance Cores

The story of Meteor Lake continues to go around and accumulate rumors all over the Internet, in this case, we are talking about no less than three. Despite Pat Gelsinger’s statements last week, where he curiously did not mention architecture and only commented on its lithographic process Intel 3 and Arrow Lake already by 2024… What made Intel totally omit any type of statement for 2023, which is the most imminent? Well, there seems to be a problem in the middle, especially with the Meteor Lake performance.

Intel has a fairly complex roadmap, not only for this 2023, but for 2025. Expectations are high, because it is the date set to regain leadership in desktops, laptops and servers… But as we are going to see, it will not be easy.


Intel Meteor Lake and Intel 4, problem after problem with performance

There is information that may seem contradictory and that follows everything we have seen so far in architecture. If we remember, it was said that Meteor Lake-S was canceled and that it had been passed to the range of notebooks as Meteor Lake-P, well, this has a reason.

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That reason is the poor performance of Intel 4 with the 8 Core Tile for Meteor Lake with Redwood Cove cores. It seems that Intel cannot offer 8+16 cores in total, so Tile will focus on two different configurations: 6P + 8E and 6P + 16Ebut, as was said at the time, they would be intended for laptops, with Meteor Lake-P being the successor to Alder Lake-P, where there would also supposedly be an H range.


Therefore, Pat Gelsinger would have avoided talking about Intel 4 and Meteor Lake-S for desktop, so for now what we will have in 2023 remains Raptor Lake Refresh if nothing changes and they correct the problems. Also, although the desEsports Extrasis finished in MTL-S, and although it will not be implemented on PC, we have more data than you would offer: PCIe 5.0 with 20 lanes in total16 for GPU and 4 for M.2, plus another 4 with PCIe 4.0.

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It would not have support for AVX512the chipset Z890 (which has not been discussed so far) would have 4 lanes plus PCIe 4.0 compared to its predecessor, that is, 24 lines in total. Besides, wifi 7 I would debut with the platform.


Frequencies better than expected, samples already in stage 2

More information about Meteor Lake, although it is really about the commented Meteor Lake-P for laptops, which at the same time and as we have said is rebranded Meteor Lake-S. Well, the 6+16 cores are going from strength to strength and they would already be with a second sampling variant being tested by engineers and technicians.

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The novelty here is that Intel 4 would have exceeded the first impressions of frequency, because as you surely know, it was said that in this section they would be slower than Alder Lake Mobile. Well, apparently not, because the first batches, we understand that high performance in its maximum configuration of 6+16 Cores, have achieved exceed the frequency of the 12900HXthat is, they will be able to reach more than 5GHz.

Raptor Lake raises the bar to 5.4GHz, so perhaps Meteor Lake-P can stay somewhere in the middle, where the IPC gain is already deflating a bit and has gone from being talked about and rumored to double digits to single digits. We will see in a few months what is Intel’s response to the Ryzen 7000X3D on desktop, because it seems that its 13900KS it will be very much on par with AMD’s top of the range, if not behind.


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