Intel will quadruple its production capacity in packaging

intel will quadruple its production capacity in packaging

Tom Henry

Intel will quadruple its production capacity in packaging

Intel is launched into the semiconductor market. His plan to dominate all the strata is ongoing and the results will begin to be seen, if the strategy does not fail, in 2025. To reach the key date in the strongest possible way, said strategy called IDM 2.0 has exposed another of its slopes to the scene, and it is nothing more than the expansion of the capacity of packaging for high-performance chips. In fact, Intel will quadruple said production capacity in just over a year and a half.

has been his own Steven LongCEO of Intel AJP, the one who has declared what was already intuited, among other things, because his rivals are doing the same with all the speed they can. Samsung and TSMC are in full expansion, but they did not count on the push of the blues, who are going to put more money than anyone to sweep the market and attract more customers.

Intel will quadruple its production capacity in just over a year and a half


From Malaysia, where it has presented its Intel Tech Days 2023, now we get much more information about the section that the new branch of Intel will have exclusively, IFSdedicated to everything that has to do with semiconductors, with total independence and denial with customers.

The approach is a mix of what Intel was already doing, except that they adopt some policies from Samsung and TSMC in their way of acting and moving in the market. For this reason, the strategy is based on expanding the packaging and testing plants, firstly from the US with Oregon and New Mexico as spearheads, to end up where they have presented the new strategy, Malaysiawhere the expansion of the high-performance FAB will also be encouraged.

Said extension will begin at the beginning of 2024 and will end almost a year later, in order to 2025being ready for operation and thus having new complexes so that Intel can increase the production capacity of the packages.

Foveros 3D, Foveros Direct and Co-EMIB on stage


What we have seen this morning at said event and now continues with this second part means that in just two years Intel will multiply its capacity by four, where all the processes of front end and back end without having to import any type of stage from outside those FABs. In addition, the extensions will also have a strong investment in research and development in various equipment.

These will compete among themselves to achieve the greatest advances and apply in the case of the winning technologies the following steps to improve the packaging of the new chips. The investment, only in Malaysia, amounts to a whopping 8 billion dollarsto which must be added others 6 billion for the next stage that will focus, within the first, on 3D packaging advanced as well as a test center for it.

Synopsysas a major manufacturer of tools edais cooperating with Intel to make the most complex chips among Intel 3 and Intel 18A destined for servers in said plants as they are finished.

Therefore, the big three will finish building their new centers and FAB, if nothing fails, in 2025, where they would also have to have their new nodes ready. A long-distance race that, according to Intel, they will win. The fact that in 2023 they are already up to it and the others are facing problems while they claim to have overcome them and speed up may bring to fruition all the movements that the blues have been making in these last three years. Can they dominate over TSMC?

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