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Interview with Phil Spencer in Spanish: Activision, exclusives and the future of Xbox | we are xbox

Yesterday, the well-known YouTube channel Xbox On, more specifically Charleyy Hodson, interviewed the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, led by Charleyy Hodson, at the Bethesda offices in London. Luckily, the Spanish-speaking community can fully enjoy the interview with Phil Spencer in USAthanks to Xbox USA, which has made it possible. So for all those interested, in this post we are going to compile the most important information that our dear Spencer revealed.


In the almost 23-minute interview, there has been talk about the imminent and future plans of Xbox, the issue of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the hot topic about Call of Duty and PlayStation, the mobile gaming market and AI in the video game.

Interview with Phil Spencer in Spanish: Activision, exclusives and the future of Xbox

The interview begins with Phil Spencer declaring his love for xScreen, an amazing unofficial accessory that lets you enjoy Xbox Series S anywhere, anytime. Spencer confirmed that he will be visiting Ninja Theory studios soon to see how they are doing with Hellblade 2, which is going to be a spectacular game. He also praised the work of Playground Games with the new installment of Fable, which makes us very clear about the quality of the upcoming exclusive titles.


Both projects are still a long way from being released, especially Fable. So while there are rumors that the sequel to Senua could see the light of day later this year, Xbox will still have a most exciting 2023, and they are already committed to making us enjoy an exciting Showcase will take place in June and we imagine which will be integrated into E3 2023. But before that time comes, Phil confirmed we can expect more surprise announcements like Goldeneye 007 before the event, in addition to the releases of Minecraft Legends and Redfall.

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Activision, Call of Duty and PlayStation theme

Interview with Phil Spencer in Spanish

Phil Spencer commented again that the acquisition of Activision Blizzard has never been aimed at removing Call of Duty from competing platforms, since Xbox focuses on building a platform to reach players everywhere, as we have seen with the 10-year contract they have signed with Nintendo. The deal with Activision Blizzard has come about in large part because of the appeal of mobile gaming, a market to be explored by the largest mobile game publisher outside of China, Activision Blizzard King.

Returning to the discussion about Call of Duty and the supposed exclusivity that so many believe even though it is denied, Spencer affirms the following:


We want to make the absolute best version of Call of Duty for any player on any of those platforms.

There will be no exclusive skins or weapons for Call of Duty on Xbox, and the same version of the game will be available for all platforms, just like The Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76, Minecraft, and more. This has led to the comparison of the Hogwarts Legacy exclusive quest which is on PlayStation for a year.


AI in video games

Finally, Hodson and Spencer talked about the potential of AI in video games: «The intersection of AI and gaming has always been there, and now the capacity of AI on the planet is getting bigger and bigger.«. AI has long played a prominent role in game development, and we already know that Xbox is actively exploring improvements to AI, such as Bing AI, which could translate into improvements for future Xbox games.

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