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Invisible Air Paths in Elden Ring: This attack shows you the way to hidden locations

There is a very handy way to show invisible paths in the air.

The Between Lands are full of mysteries, and that includes invisible paths that cut through the air. In places where it looks like we’re going straight down the drain, we can run to hidden locations and find treasure. In a new video, Elden Ring expert Vaatividya reveals a particularly handy way to spot these hidden paths. He also talks about 24 other discoveries and secrets in the Elden Ring.


Find invisible paths with the rime pounder

It’s all about this: In previous FromSoftware games we could find invisible paths with glowing pebbles. This works in Elden Ring too, but with a fairly popular move that many players should have, it becomes even easier and more convenient.

It’s about the rime pounder. This is the Ice Cleaver’s default ability, which you can acquire early in the game. With the right ashes of war you can also apply them to other weapons. Even though the ability isn’t as powerful as it used to be as it’s been significantly nerfed, the attack comes in handy because the damage is still pretty good and you can hit multiple enemies at once from afar.

This is how it works with the invisible air paths: When attacking, your character stomps the ground and creates a trail of hoarfrost in front of them. If you guide it through the air, you can see that there is an invisible path running there – and that very quickly, purposefully and without using any items. So if you want to reach a place in the distance, you can test whether there isn’t a hidden bridge. Here you can see: The hoarfrost trail stretches to the abyss and ends there. There is no hidden path at this point.


This tip is particularly useful here: You will find a few secret walking paths on the way to Secret path to the Halig tree. If you come from the Rold Grand Elevator, go straight ahead, then left up the stairs to the platform.

Then jump down through the broken balustrade on the front left – seemingly to your death. There you land on safe ground. Now several invisible paths, enemies and items await you. Explore the area with the hoarfrost pounder. In addition, the technique is practical because you can simultaneously attack an opponent who awaits you on one of the hidden paths or those who are chasing you.

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More secrets in the video

As mentioned earlier, that’s not the only discovery Vaati shares with us. The YouTuber has put together a lot of interesting aspects in the video. Another piece of information is, for example, that there are hidden numerical values ​​in weapon scaling. Scaling two weapons to D with power doesn’t mean they benefit from the stat exactly the same.

This is how scaling works: Each letter does not cover a number, but a whole range of numbers. That’s why, for example, one sword that scales to D with a value is marked red (as a sEsports Extrasof bad scaling) and another one that also scales to the letter D is not.

Spoiler alert: In the passage after the video, there is a small spoiler regarding an NPC and boss fights.


Do you want to get to know more cool discoveries? Then take a look at the video:

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Another exciting element can be found in Fia’s embrace. As the YouTuber reveals, our build will be uploaded when we’re online. It may then be used for the boss fight with Fia’s followers. In this fight we’ll be dealing with phantoms and some of these are based on the builds of other players who received Fia’s embrace.

Have you discovered invisible paths in the air yet? What was your most exciting discovery in Elden Ring?