iPhone 15 3LD3 chip will limit unofficial USB-C products

iphone 15 3ld3 chip will limit unofficial usb c products

Tom Henry

iPhone 15 3LD3 chip will limit unofficial USB-C products

Today it’s time to talk about the iPhone 15 and the abandonment of the Lightning port for charging and data transfer by a usb port next to “3LD3”. These leaks come from a known leaker named majin bu. This reveals that the iPhone 15 will debut a new chip linked to this new connectivity.

The most interesting thing of all is that this leaker leaked a couple of images that reveal the existence of a new chip. This is linked to the group of components linked to the charging technology of an iPhone 15 Plus. This chip is the one already mentioned 3LD3, manufactured by Apple itself. Although it is still early to know the real functionality of this chip made by Apple, the first theories are not good, since it could be used for transmission encryption.

In other words: the 3LD3 chip of the iPhone 15 could limit the charging speed

3LD3 chip of an iPhone 15 Plus

This is nothing new. As an act of rebellion, given the obligation of the European Commission to force Apple to launch iPhone 15s with a USB-C port, the company with the bitten apple threatened with limit your devices. The European Union threatened Apple that if it carried out any type of limitation could not sell these devices on European territory.

After adding the context, it is still early to know what the 3LD3 chip will do, but early hypotheses suggest that it will allow encryption features to protect iPhone data against any risk. However, the chip could also be used to limit charging and data transfer speeds. Obviously, these limitations will come when using “unofficial products” from Apple.

The well-known Apple analyst, Ming Chi Kuorevealed in May that users would have to use certified cables to enjoy faster charging speeds on iPhone 15. In this way, the 3LD3 chip may be used to distinguish between an Apple-certified cable and other compatible products. Even earlier, in February, another leaker known as ShrimpApplePro, said that third-party cables “will be limited by software in data and upload speed“.

In short, while the USB-C cables you have around the house will obviously be compatible with any iPhone 15, you may need use a USB-C cable specifically designed for iPhone for full functionality. Now of course, it remains to be seen if this is not only limited to the cable. Apple will not want you to buy a cable, and this could also imply limitations to a charger. It is also likely that Apple and its license partners will only offer this cable together with a new charger.

Will Apple finally limit its devices?

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It would not be anything new, but here what changes things is that The European Union has already warned Apple that if it limits the USB-C connection on their new iPhones, these may not be sold in Europe. Really that the iPhone 15 can arrive with limitations in any product that does not have an MFi certification is not new.

What is new is that Apple has incorporated a new method of security with encryption capabilities tied to the USB-C port. This adds a layer of security, but also makes it clear that Apple designed the iPhone 15 keeping in mind to block unofficial products. Now it will be time to wait to see if this blockade will materialize or not. In other words, if Apple will take advantage of the 3LD3 chip of the iPhone 15 for what they were really designed for.

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