Is EA Sports FC 24 worth it? The first analyzes are now available and this is what they think of the new FIFA

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is ea sports fc 24 worth it? the first analyzes

With the arrival of EA Sports FC 24which can now be played (and for only one euro), the games have also begun to be published. first analyzes and reviews of the specialized press. There is a lot of expectation with the opinions that critics will give of this new soccer game, since it is the first that Electronic Arts launches without the license. FIFA.

First notes of the new EA Sports FC 24

As we can see in rating portals such as Metacritic, the new FIFA (which is no longer called FIFA) has started with a average score of 79 in its PS5 version. Of course, there are still analyzes to be recorded since they have just begun to be published and it is very likely that in the next few hours it will stabilize. Currently there 12 reviews registered on this platform.

In any case, we see that EA Sports FC 24 has already received very good ratings from media such as GamesRadar+, which has given it a 90 pointing out that it is one of the most playable games in the saga this year (although it no longer belongs to the same saga, technically) and talking about how promising which seems to be his new formula. The most positive reviews focus on how well the game plays and the magnificent animations, while the most negative reviews point out few innovations and an exaggerated presence of microtransactions.

Our analysis of EA Sports FC 24

In Vandal We have also already published our analysis of EA Sports FC 24in which we conclude that “it is, without a doubt, a better game than the one that was FIFA 23although it is also a missed opportunity to break the deck and offer us a much more disruptive and risky delivery taking advantage of the name change of the license.

EA Sports FC 24 comes to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch. If you plan to play it, don’t forget to have our guide at hand.

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