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Is EVGA leaving the motherboard business? not for now

is evga leaving the motherboard business? not for now

During the early hours of today, the Korean media Coolenjoy surprised, indicating that EVGA would abandon the motherboard market. This would not be surprising, if we know the current delicate situation of the market, and that last September, EVGA announced that it was leaving the GPU market.

According to reports, all EVGA Taiwan office staff reportedly resignedeither to your job. Including the famous overclocker K|NGP|N who works with the company. The one who revealed this information was a local overclocker named “safedisk“, who assured the loss of 170 jobseven affecting the company’s own motherboard business.

Will EVGA leave the motherboard market like this? for now there is nothing to confirm it


While EVGA did get out of the graphics card manufacturing business, that was really because NVIDIA did not help for the company to see this business viable. Specifically, it was indicated that the main problem of this business was NVIDIA’s high profit margins. His partners get the crumbs of the cake, not to mention the instability of this marketwhere as soon as a product is launched, prices suffer variations worthy of the best roller coasters in the world.


Of course, despite this, the GPU market implied 75% of the company’s billing. Currently, EVGA’s main businesses are focused on motherboards high performance with power supplies. Additionally, they offer other products such as water cooling systems, and gaming peripherals.

At the time of writing, we are the only outlet we have had access to a direct conversation with EVGA. Our contact in the company, first of all, is that he did not know any of this information. After this, he has contacted his colleagues, in the supposedly affected office from Taiwan. From there, co-workers have told him that it is a normal work day, that the company continues to operate normally, and that it is simply the industry “he likes rumors“. On the other hand, the charge of manage product manufacturingindicated that the company continued to operate normally.

No one has enough information to confirm the original news

We have also communicated by Skype with colleagues from Videocardz and TechPowerUp to discuss everything behind the scenes, compare everything, and offer them extended and more detailed information that cannot be published. These media already had the article published and have modified or deleted it after providing more information.


For now, everything seems to be normal. The company remains involved in the business, most notably with the launch of their ultimate power supplies, which are currently in production. This is now the business What more benefits does it bring you?. To this is added that our source at EVGA, and his co-workers, have spoken that everything works normally. Whether in the Taiwan office, or in their production plans.

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