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Is Mjolnir or Aquaman’s Trident more powerful?

There are incredibly strong weapons in comic book history, but one stands head and shoulders above the rest.

As he DC Universe as the Marvel Universe has displayed unique and incredibly powerful weapons. Many times it is difficult to discern which ones are more powerful than others within the same stories and even more so considering the worlds so different from each other. DC Y Marvel.

There are incredibly strong weapons in comic book history, but one stands head and shoulders above the rest.

It is strange to see crosses between both universes, but on some occasion they have occurred in history. Two of the most powerful weapons in comic book history are the aquaman trident and the incredible Mjolnir of Thor. However, it is very difficult to know which of the two is the more powerful weapon. Armed with his mighty trident, Aquaman He is among the few heroes of DC who wields a weapon and also has an incredible arsenal of abilities and powers, making him more than a match for Marvel’s Thor and his hammer. mjolnir.


Arthur Curry has had many tridents over the years, two of which were forged by the gods Poseidon Y Neptune. The Poseidon’s Trident was the most powerful and memorable of all the weapons wielded by Arthur and could perfectly be more lethal than the weapon of the God of Thunder.

In addition to its powers, Poseidon’s Trident gives Aquaman many new and powerful abilities can deal with the mjolnir of Thor. If it wasn’t for the gun, Arthur could have been killed in various situations. Due to its flexibility and powers, it gives Arthur divine abilities that make him one of the most powerful heroes in the League of Justice. Poseidon’s forging of the trident was meant to bring new life to the universe and this iconic legendary weapon was gifted to Arthur in Justice League/Aquaman: Drowned Earth made by Scott Snyder, Francis Manapul, Howard Porter, Scott Godlewski, and Tom Napolitano.

Is Mjolnir or Aquaman's Trident more powerful?

Poseidon He told her about his purpose of converting all the oceans of the universe into a cradle species that would be capable of creating life. Although ultimately this purpose of the trident failed, due to outside forces, the power still lay deep within the newly created weapon. In the event that it could be unleashed, it would have the power to kill gods and even entire planets. Due to the fact that it was created to make life, it is now used to protect life itself. However, since power is fed through the will of Aquamanthe trident is able to offer all its capabilities with the best possible results.

Like Thor is able to use the hammer mjolnir, Aquaman he is the only one who can harness the power of the trident of Poseidon, in addition to its own creator. While both weapons have been confirmed to be powerful enough to kill gods, the trident has even a bit more potential. Readers have only seen a little of his full power on rare occasions, but he’s already shown to have more secret abilities than the mjolnir till the date. In Aquaman #41 the trident is shown to be able to teleport Arthur to planets light years away through self-created water. This rare ability is incredibly useful and is only part of what he can do.

Is Mjolnir or Aquaman's Trident more powerful?

In addition, his abilities are not only linked to the ocean since it has also been confirmed that the trident is one of the few weapons capable of piercing Superman’s skin and metal. Prometheuman invulnerable metal very similar to the adamantium of Marvel. It has also been shown that the weapon is capable of undergoing transformations at will. Arthur like a sword or a dagger. Through its many uses, the trident of Aquaman has shown that its strength lies in its utility and raw power, which can be controlled by the abilities of Arthur. the feats of mjolnir They are powerful but DC he has not been afraid to push the boundaries of the weapon’s uses, making it one of the most powerful weapons known.

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