Is Timber FUTTIES worth it? + solution

is timber futties worth it? + solution

Tom Henry

Is Timber FUTTIES worth it? + solution

Dutch will be available on SBC until August 24.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Are Timber FUTTIES worth it?  + solution
Are Timber FUTTIES worth it in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

As we all already know, FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is coming to an end. With the release date of EA Sports FC 24 just around the corner, most users are losing interest in the current edition. despite all the content you’re getting in this home stretch.

Precisely the sections of Objectives and Squad Challenges are being the responsible for the attraction that continues to generate the title during the fourth promotional template of the FUTTIES. In this first section we find mission sets such as the new “FUT Champions III Bonus”, the Savin FUTTIES or the so-called “FUTTIES Week V”.

However, SBCs are taking even more prominence. In addition to the Cover Star Icons, such as Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos or Shevchenko, yesterday new Key Meetings and a new futtie footballer.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Are Timber FUTTIES worth it?  + solution

Timber FUTTIES stats in game

we are referring to Timber, Feyenoord’s Dutch midfielder. This player already had a Future Star very limited for the chemistry I needed, but now this pink version has premium chemistryso including him in our teams will not be complicated at all.

Even so, it is necessary to take a look at the cost of his SBC and analyze if it is worth it and if it is necessary complete is Template Challenge.

Cheapest solution for Timber FUTTIES

To complete this player, we will have to invest some 73,000 coins whatever our platform. The truth is that at this point in the game finding new cards so cheap is strange. Besides, its rating 95 is quite highalthough in the market we can find other footballers with that average and for less price.

Your SBC is made up solely of a template. Next, we leave you the cheapest way to complete it and its requirements.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Are Timber FUTTIES worth it?  + solution

Cheapest solution to the Timber FUTTIES SBC

The requirements of this Squad Challenge are:

  • Minimum 1 player of Netherlands
  • Minimum 87 overall valuation

Are Timber FUTTIES worth it?

Analyzing the numbers of the Dutchman, the reality is that he has a very complete letter. As well demonstrated by their alternative positions (MCD and MCO)can perform in any area of ​​midfield.

With 4 Watermarks, 5 Bad Legs, and High/High in Work Ratings he can be considered a very solid MC. However, does not reach the required level for the height of the game at which we are.

For its price it is very goodbut we consider that it is difficult that in our teams we do not already have a midfielder who, at least, match the performance of this Timber. That’s why you we recommend not completing this player.

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