Is Twitch Losing Its Next Star Streamer To YouTube? Pokimane hints

It’s no secret that YouTube is currently grabbing the cherries from Twitch’s pie with savory deals. More and more big streamers are switching from the purple to the red platform and are sometimes talking about big deals. Now, Imane “Pokimane” Anys also hinted that he might not be able to resist such an offer.

Who is Pokimane?

  • The streamer ranks 9th on Twitch with 9.2 million followers worldwide. This puts her in front of star streamers like sodapoppin, tommyinnit or colleague Amouranth.
  • On average, she has over 17,000 viewers and not only does Just Chatting, but also successfully gambles on Valorant or classics like Among Us.
  • Pokimane is considered one of the icons on Twitch and is one of the most important streamers on the platform. Although she always attracts attention with her special opinions and does not shy away from direct statements, she is considered more of a friendly and nice person.
  • Most recently, the 25-year-old spoke about the departure of Myth and said that she would not be averse to a YouTube deal.

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“Streaming lifestyle” as a possible reason to switch

What hint did Pokimane give? When viewers asked Pokimane what she thought of Myth’s move, she said that while she was surprised by the decision, she was kind of expecting it at the same time. She couldn’t explain it properly either.

The streamer also said:

He wasn’t always one of the first people I would have expected to go to YouTube. (…) I think he was enjoying streaming less and less, or maybe just the streaming lifestyle less and less. I mean, me too, so I think it made sense for him to take a deal like that.

Pokimane (via YouTube)

Apparently, Pokimane isn’t really enjoying the streaming lifestyle anymore and mentions in the same breath that it makes sense to accept such a YouTube deal. So it could well be that the red platform has a chance with the 25-year-old. In 2020 she still refused contracts with other livestream platforms and entered into an exclusive contract with Twitch – who knows if this will expire soon?

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Twitch has already lost a number of major streamers to YouTube

Not only Myth went to YouTube a few days ago. Recently, Twitch also lost one of the top female gaming streamers, LilyPichu.

In addition, the great streamer Ludwig switched to YouTube at the end of 2021 because he no longer felt any love from Twitch. As a result, he did not record any slumps in success, but was immediately banned after 3 days.

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In May 2022, Sykkuno also switched to the red platform, although he originally didn’t want to. He actually decided to stay on Twitch, however, they misspelled his name in an official and important email, which is why he finally decided against them.

YouTube apparently chooses very carefully which streamers they make an offer to. They seem to be particularly interested in big stars, who tend to be nice and/or family-friendly. Which have a good reputation or a recognition value. So it stands to reason that they might also approach Pokimane in the future.

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