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Isurus Gaming fell and was on the brink of the abyss

The play ins of World’s continue their course, after what meant the first victory for Evil Geniuses, it was the local representative’s turn to take the stage again for his second game. The warm welcome from the public was what I needed isurus after a tough loss to MAD Lions at debut. however it seems that the Shark can’t get into a groove on these World’s and fell again on this second day of competition.

This time the executioner of Latin America was saigon buffalo, the runner-up of the Vietnamese league surpassed in several respects the champion of the Latin American League (ALL) that with a 0-2 on his scoreboard he is on the verge of elimination and with it, of the World Cup feat. However, nothing is said yet. isurus you have to turn the page and look for the come back to turn your situation around. It will be difficult, but nothing is written yet.

The Latin American dream is moving away

The Selection Phase has been somewhat chaotic for the Shark, Latin Americans surprised locals and strangers when the third team (Zilean) went into the hands of ADD, the Korean lane had to face a Aatrox with a champion you don’t often see in the top lane. In the early game the move seemed wonderful, with the help of Grell (Hecarim) got a couple kills on TOP which put ADD ahead of Hasmed.

However, as the game progressed Aatrox began to climb and the damage it did already exceeded everything that a Zilean. With the top lane in trouble, it was all in the hands of the midlaner and the bot lane duo, however at that point in the game the chaos was complete. The Aphelios of Shogun he walked around the entire crack reaping casualties left and right, as if that were not enough towards the end of the game the shooter of saigon buffalo challenges Upset and is noted on the scoreboard. pentakills.

with this loss isurus moves away from the main objective, which is to achieve once and for all the Latin American feat of classifying the Main Stage of World’s. With a 0-2 to his credit now the Shark is bound to win against Royal Never Give Up (China), XRD (korea) ya Istanbul Wildcats (Turkey) to keep alive the illusion of an entire region.

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