It is the king of RPGs, it has more than 135,000 positive reviews, and it can be yours at a knockdown price thanks to this offer

The RPG genre is one that has traditionally been filled with great gameplay. With great and legendary titles To his credit, in recent years there has been one name that has risen above the rest: Divinity: Original Sin 2. Today, you can get your hands on this great game at a great discount.

Larian’s RPG puts you in the shoes of several characters with a mission: to become a deity. With a classic role playing stylein which conversations matter a lot and combat has a lot of tactical overtones, over time it has earned the affection of fans of the genre and right now it has more than 135000 positive reviews. A 95% approval of the public is not small feat, and more in these figures.

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With a group of very different and interesting adventurers, as well as a large handful of masterfully written stories, getting Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition at a 60% discount is a great deal that you can take advantage of today. Its price goes from 41.99 euros to stay at 16.79something more than fair for a gamer with this amount of content and general quality.

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Also, if you have a Steam Deck, the title is verified to work properly on Valve’s laptop, making it easily the best portable RPG experience you can get. All this makes it a perfect package for those looking for some roll of the highest quality.

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As usual, these kinds of deals don’t last forever. If you want to prepare engines for Baldur’s Gate 3, you have to take into account that the Divinity discount will only be available until on February 27. Don’t think about it too much and take advantage of this opportunity to get hold of one of the greats of role-playing games.