‘It robs millions of fans’: Industry expert is upset about GTA 6 leaks that are supposedly ruining everything

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'it robs millions of fans': industry expert is upset about

There were many leaks about GTA 6 long before its release and the latest announcement didn’t really come as a surprise.

GTA 6 is one of the biggest and most eagerly awaited games ever. There is correspondingly great interest in leaks and advance information. But according to the community manager of Halo maker 343 Industries, it is precisely such leaks that are a big problem: they would not only harm the developers, but also “deprive millions of fans” and ruin everything.

GTA 6 leaks ‘ruin everything and rob millions of fans’: Video game professional is really upset

That’s what it’s about: Rockstar officially announced that a GTA 6 trailer was coming at the beginning of December, but we already knew this shortly beforehand through a report by well-connected insider journalist Jason Schreier. A few months ago there were even countless leaked videos and much more.

Until we have a real GTA 6 trailer:

GTA 6 - Video: Is Rockstar secretly building the

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GTA 6 – Video: Is Rockstar secretly building the “perfect game”? – Video: Is Rockstar secretly building the “perfect game”?

This harms studios and fans: According to community manager John Junyszek, those who leak such internals to the public are undoing the many years of hard work of their colleagues. They take away the moment of surprise and the solemnity of the announcement and can also create false expectations.

“If you’re lucky enough to ever work on a game that millions of people care about, don’t be that person.

You and your teammates have dreamed of this moment since day one. Now that it’s almost here, entire teams have started planning to turn this reveal into something truly memorable, for fans, for the studio, and for the gaming community as a whole.

Then, right before the announcement, someone takes it into their own hands to undermine it all, depriving millions of fans (and the team you were in the trenches with) of the exposure they deserve.

Instead of a spectacular surprise, you are now an expectation. All because of this one person.”

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This is probably one general statement act, even if John Junyszek makes it clear that he is primarily concerned with the GTA 6 rumors and leaks.

The announcement that the trailer will be shown in early December doesn’t necessarily seem like the big reveal experience that was ruined. Of course, with the many GTA 6 videos that have been leaked in advance, things look completely different.

Of course, it’s not clear whether the trailer would have been preceded by an announcement if the Jason Schreier report hadn’t existed. Perhaps the plan was simply to show the GTA 6 trailer as a surprise at the Game Awards.

What do you think about leaks? Do you think they can ruin everything and do you feel deprived because of that?

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