Talk about cumulative hours in video games it doesn’t usually end well. The average user usually puts his hands to his head with figures of 50-80 hours, but they are rookie numbers compared to the outrageous things we have come to see on places like Steam, Reddit, and more. The case of Simon, a Steam player, is worthy of adapting at least to the comic.

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simon accumulates in his Steam account 21,167 hours at the time of writing this publication. Civilization V was launched on September 21, 2010, which means that our intrepid strategist has invested 2 years in playing time during the last 12 years, according to the calculations of our colleagues at Esports Extras. We remind you that Civilization VI came out in 2016, but our protagonist was comfortable in the fifth installment.

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These data are already amazing on their own. Well, hold on to your chairs because the best comes now: Simon shared his review of Civilization V after exceed 20,000 hours and he was the champion of synthesis and irony:

I guess your first 20,000 hours are fine…

Civilization V1

Civilization VI analysis: the quintessential 4x is also a real joy with a controller in the hands

Guess? First 20,000 hours? What is “okay”? Simon, by Odin’s beard! Apparently, the ironic strategist considers that Civilization V “it’s fine” for the “first 20,000 hours,” which is roughly what many average users have accumulated playing video games thus far in their lifetime. Wherever you are, Simon, you have our full respect.

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