‘It wasn’t meant to be like this’: Baldur’s Gate 3 companions were way too lovey to begin with, and it was a bug that was to blame

'it wasn't meant to be like this': baldur's gate 3

Tom Henry

‘It wasn’t meant to be like this’: Baldur’s Gate 3 companions were way too lovey to begin with, and it was a bug that was to blame

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The companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 shouldn’t jump at you that quickly.

Anyone who played Baldur’s Gate 3 on Steam right after the release was showered with love in the first few hours… by their companions. Many of them were pretty horny here and, after a fairly short period of getting to know each other, wanted to go on a date with us or even jump into bed.

I, too, remember only too well a certain evening in the camp when each and every one of my companions paid my respects. If that seemed a little out of place to you in the otherwise well-crafted romances, now we know why: the whole thing was just a bug.

Baldur’s Gate 3 companions were ‘too horny’

As game director Swen Vincke confirmed in an interview with The Gamer, you shouldn’t be jumped on by your buddies so quickly:

So… that was a bug. The affection threshold was just way too low when we delivered. That’s why they were so horny in the beginning [rattig oder geil im sexuellen Sinne, Anm. d. Red.]. This shouldn’t be the case, we’ve since fixed it for a few. We’re still working on others.

Gale was apparently particularly affected by this bug – which should come as no surprise to anyone who accidentally started a relationship with the magician without even knowing how it happened. “He shouldn’t just be ready right away,” Vincke admits.

There are probably fans who didn’t have a problem with the characters’ love lust: “The biggest ‘It’s not a bug, it’s a feature’ that I’ve ever seen,” writes an X user (formerly Twitter ) approximately:

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The developers know this too, but they had different plans for the romances in the game. As Vincke explains: “A lot of people enjoyed it. But it was too fast. It was supposed to simulate what real relationships feel like.”

Besides the realism, there is also another reason why the relationships have now been adjusted. Vincke also points out that it would be problematic if the characters behaved like that in real life. After all, their behavior can quickly come across as intrusive. So it’s no wonder that Larian tweaked the values ​​here afterwards.

Have you already experienced the love-crazed Gale? How are you liking the romances so far?

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