It’s basically a Pokemon and volleyball RPG coming to PC – a lovely recent surprise that many have missed | Top News

it's basically a pokemon and volleyball rpg coming to pc

Tom Henry

It’s basically a Pokemon and volleyball RPG coming to PC – a lovely recent surprise that many have missed | Top News

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One of the games that have been announced at the Day of the Devs event has stolen my heart. It’s called Beastieball, and it’s something like “pokemon x volleyball. It’s your own IP, of course; but broadly speaking we are talking about the same thing: an RPG about a human who recruits creatures to join his team and compete against others. Only instead of fighting with fire or claws, the key here is that the contests are decided sportingly with a ball in between.

So don’t expect too violent contests; these monsters are friendly and develop new affective ties against each other as they compete as a team: friends, comrades, rivals or couples, as listed in the game listing on Steam. Eventually, we’ll have a team strong enough to take on all the trainers… in whatever order you prefer, mind you.

You can put Beastieball on the wish list of the Valve platform right now, although its managers also anticipate a collective financing campaEsports Extrasthrough Kickstarter that at the time of writing these lines, has not yet kicked off. Through the link above, you can ask to be notified when it becomes available to see how the patronage and how to contribute your grain of sand. Or if you can simply get the game cheaper, too.

If all goes well with development, Beastieball should arrive in some point in 2024: you can find their authors in the Wishes Discord. They have among their ranks some names as cool as Lena Raine, who worked on the music for Celeste, Minecraft or Steven Universe among others; along with others who signed the charismatic Chicory. So by all accounts, the game is in good hands for now. In case you’re looking for other alternatives, check out everything coming to PC from Summer Game Fest.

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