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its low end are really Core 12

What two weeks ago was a rumor based on a table with IDs and features that they gave us to speculate on what Intel would launch on the mid-range and low-end Core 13 market, today is a reality. Although the data has changed a bit, what must be clear is that Raptor Lake in its most affordable models will not be what neophytes expect, since the low-end Core 13 are really improved Core 12 and only partially . Why is Intel doing this?

History repeats itself, but with an important nuance. With the Core 12s the K and KF ranges within the i5s were different from the normal variants and without these final terminologies, which segmented the product line, but they were all from the 12 series. Now, Intel is going to sell processors from the 13 series with slight modifications that, logically, belong much more to the 12 series than to the new Raptor Lake and this has interesting connotations to deal with.

Intel confirms suspicions: low-end Core 13s are Core 12 “Refresh”

Features Technologies Core 13

We speculated about it at the time and we weren’t going wrong at all, not to say we were heading in the right direction thanks to the brief rumor that was given. A leaked slide yesterday hints at what’s to come, and as you can see in the image above, the Raptor Lake will have two defining features for the Core i5.

First of all, they will have an L3 cache bump in general, but suddenly Intel is more precise and specifies that only the K-series i5s will have an L2 cache bump, i.e. only these processors will be Raptor Lake. Why is this nuance that changes everything important? Let’s see its technical characteristics to understand it.

We are going to see the most palpable differences between the i5-13600K or KF and the i5-13600 dry, because they are the only real comparisons between what we want to show, although the trend is the same as we go down the CPU model. The 13600K/KF has 6 P-Cores and 8 E-Cores giving 20 threads in total and has 20 MB of L2 and 24 MB of L3.

In contrast, the i5-13600 has the same number of cores and threads, different frequency as expected, but its L2 is reduced to 11.5 MB and its L3 remains at 24 MB.

P-Cores are maintained, E-Cores are updated

Architecture Cores / Threads Clock P-Cores Clock E-Cores L2 + L3 cache iGPU Memory PBP and MTP
i9-13900K Raptor Lake 8+16 and 32 threads 3.0 / 5.8GHz 2.2/4.3GHz 32MB + 36MB UHD 770 (32 EU) DDR5-5600 125W / 253W
i9 13900 Raptor Lake 8+16 and 32 threads 2.0 / 5.6GHz TDB / 4.2GHz 32MB + 36MB UHD 770 (32 EU) DDR5-5600 TBD
i7-13700K Raptor Lake 8 + 8 and 24 threads 3.4 / 5.4GHz 2.5/4.2GHz 24MB + 30MB UHD 770 (32 EU) DDR5-5600 125W / 253W
i7-13700 Raptor Lake 8 + 8 and 24 threads 2.1 / 5.2GHz TDB / 4.1GHz 24MB + 30MB UHD 770 (32 EU) DDR5-5600 TBD
i5-13600K Raptor Lake 6 + 8 and 20 Threads 3.5 / 5.1GHz 2.6/3.9GHz 20MB + 24MB UHD 770 (32 EU) DDR5-5600 125W / 181W
i5-13600 Alder Lake 6 + 8 and 20 Threads 2.7 / TBD TBD 11.5MB + 24MB 32 EU DDR5-4800 TBD
i5-13500 Alder Lake 6 + 8 and 20 Threads 2.5 / TBD TBD 11.5MB + 24MB 32 EU DDR5-4800 TBD
i5-13400 Alder Lake 6 + 4 and 16 threads 2.5/4.6GHz TDB / 3.3GHz 9.5MB + 20MB 24 EU DDR-4800 TBD
i3-13100 Alder Lake 4 + 0 and 8 wires 3.4 / TBD TBD 5 + 12MB 24 EU DDR-4800 TBD

To understand Intel’s movement, it is necessary to know that Alder Lake (Core 12) has an L2 cache of 1.25 MB per P-Core core in its P-Core, while in E-Core the figure drops to 0.5. Instead, Raptor Lake (Core 13) increases those values ​​to 2MB and 1MB respectively.

Considering that non-K i5s now add E-Core (we went from a 6+0 to a 6+8) what we have is 6×1.25 + 8×0.5, which gives us 11.5MB of L2 in total for the i5-13600. Instead, its older brother with the same nuclei has L2 as 20MBand instead, the two share the same L3.

This means that the P-Core and the E-Core are really Alder Lake with the only improvement of the addition of the L3 for maintaining the dies of the superior processors, which start from the i7-13700K as the top of the range for the wafer mask. The rest of the models that follow are simply chips that have not passed the cut for this one and that Intel begins to cast to be more profitable and complete the range down to the i5-13400 that it is a new specific and smaller die for the three remaining models.

This leaves a complicated panorama for the lower mid-range, since the 7600X from AMD will compete with the 13600K, but will be much higher than 13600 dry, since between the differences in frequency and the capping of L2, the latter will not be able to compete. But at the same time it is in an advantageous position, because AMD will not have anything below the Ryzen 5 7600X to compete and it would only have the 5800X3D and the 5950X to fight there, except that at prices much higher than the one that the i5 surely has. -13600 and with a much higher consumption.

Intel’s move is good, very smart, but I would have to specify that from the i5-13600K and down the range, what we are going to buy is an upgraded Core 12, not a Core 13 really. Leaving everything to a slide where the L2 theme is specified does not seem like a very honest move by the blues, but we hope that with this article everything becomes clearer and that when buying we know what we stand for.

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