“It’s selling like hot cakes”: Terraria’s designer explains why they don’t announce new projects

Tom Henry

"it's selling like hot cakes": terraria's designer explains why they

It seems that Terraria continues to confirm news years after its original release. Today we bring you details about the future of those responsible.

development team hasn’t made much progress towards new projects in all these years. For what is this? It seems that the success of Terraria is to blame, precisely.

The game is still a very popular title, making it difficult for developers to focus on other projects. Andrew Spinksdesigner and developer of the sandbox game, has confirmed that it is still in high demand.

According to Spinks, this continuing demand makes it difficult for the team to focus on new titles. The creative has shared the following on Twitter: “After 12 years, the game is selling like hot cakes. There is so much demand that it makes it difficult to keep going.”

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