Its titanium frame causes discoloration problems

Tom Henry

its titanium frame causes discoloration problems

The arrival of the iPhone 15 is imminent, as it will be September 22 when they are officially sold. Although its launch day has not arrived, there are already people who have been able to see and test the iPhone 15. It has not been long until the tests have begun. issues with the iPhone 15specifically, with its titanium frame, which ends up being a fingerprint magnet and reaches a point where loses color.

Apple has done it again and announced a new generation of iPhone that millions of people around the world want. We are surprised to see how even the owners of iPhone 14 or even from iPhone 14 Pro Max They are excited to leave their phone behind and update with this year’s model. Others who come from older models will notice a much greater improvement, because with each year Apple adds a series of changes that accumulate and then it is more worth it.

The iPhone 15 Pro suffers discoloration in the button area of ​​the titanium frame

As usual, with the iPhone 15 the Pro and Pro Max models are once again the most interesting by far. A better A17 Pro chipa 5x optical zoom camera in the Max model, 8GB RAM and even a titanium frame These are some of the new features they bring. Precisely about the iPhone 15 Pro and its titanium alloy frame we have to talk this time, given that there are already reports that it has issues.

As we can see on Twitter, it has been discovered how it begins to discoloration around the buttons sides. These are from this new titanium frame and the worst part is that this was a live demo of an iPhone 15, so it didn’t take long to see the effects. It is believed that the effect is produced by dirt and sweat, seeing how easy it is to leave marks on titanium.

The iPhone 15 is a magnet for fingerprints and gets dirty easily

Dirt fingerprints iPhone 15 Pro

This new material used in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max was used by Apple as lighter and more resistant alternative. However, we can already see that it is not perfect and in fact, it can be a nuisance. If you are one of those who wants to have the iPhone in perfect condition and last over time, it seems that choosing this titanium frame is not the best option. According to Andrew Clare, the iPhone 15 Pro is a fingerprint magnet reaching a “terribly bad” level. The photographs he shows serve as an example to see what he is talking about.

We can see that the area around the buttons is a mess, since It looks like the paint has come off after handling it.. It may be dirt, but if you look closely, around the buttons there are lighter shades of blue, which would indicate that it is discoloring. In fact, we can see a video from the Chinese website Weibo, where an iPhone 15 Pro has been recorded showing these problems with the titanium frame.

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