I’ve climbed 20 levels without losing with this Marvel Snap deck: in this guide I explain how to use it

Tom Henry

I recognize that between trying new decks and discover combosI had a bit abandoned my rank level during this new season of Marvel Snapso the other day I started tinkering with some of the last cards I got to see how far I could go.

My surprise was to come across a combination of cards that, without having anything special or very crude characters, has given me one victory after another without much effort. Keeping it to myself seemed a bit ugly after a terrible beating, so for all of you who have fallen for the drug of Marvel SnapI invite you to try it.

Guide to use the deck in Marvel Snap

The objective is very simple, to reach turn five with a table controlled enough so that, pulling *text muted* Dinosaur either Hombre de Hierroon turn six you can leave control of two locations without much effort by copying the abilities with Mystique.

The trick it’s in what you do until then that, in short, focuses on trying to maintain a healthy balance between the cards you have on the board and the ones you have in hand. In order for the play to be as effective as possible, you should reach the end of the game with seven cards in your hand, so let’s find out how to do it.

with letters like The Hood, Agent 13, Cable Y White Queen, playing a card and refilling your hand is extremely simple. The twist, on the other hand, is in the use of Falcon to return all 1 cost ones to your hand (especially that -2 from The Hood that a demon will have already delivered you 1-6) and, especially, beastwhich will return any card that was at that location to your hand, reducing its cost by 1.

With the play of this last one I have come to plant myself with several demons at cost 0 in hand, which comes in handy in the last turns to finish scoring where you think you can go weaker, but the double twist comes when thinking how far period you can snort at The Collector with all those cards that come into your hand from places other than your deck.


The last combo, somewhat more difficult to scratch because it depends on your luck with the draw, is in the sacrifice of Helicarrier by Lady Sifthus giving you 3 random cards directly to your hand to finish buffing *text muted* Dinosaur Y The Collector. Combined with the action of Mystique in the last turn, turning the game around with a good Snap in between is a breeze.

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