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JackeyLove defends himself against the latest controversy

Top Esports has not had the desired first leg in the group stage of World’s. The set of the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) is in third position with one win and two losses. At the moment this result leaves him out of the quarterfinals. After the last loss against Rogue, Yu Wen-Bo «jackeylove» he attended to the media and a part of the community has interpreted some of his statements as blaming a teammate. The shooter has come to his defense through Weibo to clarify the facts.

After losing to Rogue, JackeyLove did an interview on The Loadout. When asked about the sensations against the Europeans, the shooter pointed out that a fight made the difference. «There was a fight in the top lane that our top shouldn’t have lost, so it was a big loss for us because we didn’t get the Baron afterwards.“explained the world champion. With these statements, a part of the League of Legends community interpreted that the ADC pointed to Huang Ren-Xing «Wayward» as guilty of the defeat.

Faced with this controversy, JackeyLove has decided to speak through Weibo to clarify that at no time has he singled out Wayward. «About the interview, I’ll just say that I know I’m bad but I’ll blame it. I have not blamed my teammate, I guarantee this throughout my career“, explained the shooter on social networks. Beyond the top lane fight against Rogue, the ADC has been adamant that Top Esports needs more consistency and less “playing” in order to advance to the quarterfinals of World’s.

At the moment Rogue leads Group C with three wins and DRX is second with two. Next Saturday JackeyLove and the whole group will qualify for the quarterfinals. Top Esports will debut at 10:00 p.m. against GAM Esports, but the two important games will be at the end of the day. At 1:00 he will face Rogue and then DRX.

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