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James Gunn announced the new movies and series of the DC Universe

James Gunn and Peter Safran, the new supervisors of the DC Comics cinematic or extended universe, have already revealed their plans for the future with a list of five new movies for theaters and five new series for HBO Max. Let’s meet them.

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Future DC Comics Movies

  • Superman Legacy: This new film will be the “center” of the new SC Comics cinematic universe and will be written by James Gunn himself. But as we revealed a while ago, Henry Cavill will not return to play Superman. It will arrive in 2025.
  • The Authority: This is an interesting addition to the group of new DC Comics movies because it is a group of seven superheroes with very bizarre powers that belonged to WildStorm Comics. It will be the first film based on the comics of that brand.
  • The Brave and the Bold: According to the official announcement, this movie will focus on the father-son relationship of Batman and Robin. It will be based on the Grant Morrison comic.
  • Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow: This film will present “a Supergirl that viewers are not used to seeing.” They probably said that to distance themselves from the popular TV series starring Melissa Benoist. It will be based on the Tom King comics.
  • Swamp Thing: We applaud this attempt to bring back the story of the powerful and intriguing swamp creature after the sad failure of the TV series. The last of five new films announced for the DC Cinematic Universe by James Gunn will explore the origins of the character who represents life on the planet.

Future DC Comics series for HBO Max

  • Creature Commands: the first of the new DC Universe series will be written by James Gunn himself. In it, Amanda Waller forms another team with “monstrous prisoners.”
  • Waller: speaking of Amanda Waller, the character played by Viola Davis will have her own series on HBO Max in which the characters from the excellent will return peacemaker. It will be written by Christal Henry (Watchman) and Jeremy Carver (Supernatural).
  • Booster Gold: the funny but insufferable “hero” who becomes a millionaire stealing future technology will have his own series.
  • Lanterns: Instead of new Green Lantern movies, the DC Cinematic Universe will have one led by Hal Jordan and John Stewart trying to unravel a big mystery.
  • Paradise Lost: The last of the announced DC Cinematic Universe series for HBO Max by James Gunn will take place in Themiscyra. It will be a “political intrigue drama” that sounds similar to game of Thrones. They did not clarify if we will see Wonder Woman in it.

With the exception of Superman LegacyDue out in 2025, we don’t know the potential release date for any of the new DC Cinematic Universe movies and series announced by James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Font: James Gunn’s official Twitter account