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Jankos assesses the level of the LEC rosters in the Winter Split 2023

This weekend the biggest European League of Legends competition starts. yes, the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) opens its doors with the Winter Split 2023. Everyone is waiting for what the clubs are going to offer us. And it is that we have to count on the arrival of organizations like Team Heretics either koi At the top.

Added to this are organizations that have changed part of their squad and have strengthened themselves in order to give their best and fight to lift the trophy. On all this, once again, Marcin Jankowski has expressed his opinion «jankos«, jungle of Team Heretics after his departure from G2 Esports. The Pole is clear that the level should be much higher than in the past, especially with the additions that we find in the league.


Jankos highlights the level of LEC teams

As usual, the European player ranswered some questions from his viewers live. Jankos does not usually have problems when it comes to expressing what he thinks and this time he was not going to be different. one of his viewers asked him How did you see the level of the competition this year?especially in comparison to past editions.


«I think the LEC is going to be a lot stronger than last year. G2 Esports seems very strong koi It is practically the same team as last year except for the toplaner and it still seems very strong and technically MAD lions has made some improvementsJankos said. It was then that he began to speculate on what might happen to fnatic.

«I’m not sure if Fnatic is stronger or weaker. I think you should ask yourself certain things and try to solve them. They can be very good or very bad. It seems to me that this team is like flipping a coin. and I have left Vitality that should be stronger with Bo on the team“, finished the Team Heretics jungler.


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